Thursday, March 26, 2009

Apel Grandparent's

  • Well the Apel Grandparent's have come and gone. They left yesterday morning. We followed them out. Mica wanted to race our car with their car; but by the time we got both boys in their car seats, Grandma and Grandpa Apel were a ways away. When we got home last evening; Mica asked if they were still at our house? When I told him no, he wanted to go to their house.
  • Isaak warmed up to them fairly fast. I was surprised that his stranger anxiety didn't get in the way. In fact the next night after they watched him all day, he crawled up to Grandma Apel, and stood up besides her instead of coming to me. I was crushed, not really. It's good he went to her.

Monday, March 23, 2009

About the Same Age

  • Mica 10 months (orange shirt).
  • Isaak 9 months (green shirt).

Opps Isaak Got a Taste of Cow's Milk!

  • Mica left his sippy cup in the living room. He now drinks out of a regular cup, but only at the table.
  • Isaak grabbed it before I had a chance of catching him. I heard a, "Mmmm" sound. I looked over, and Isaak was drinking Mica's milk. He had milk all around his mouth. Stinker, he's not supposed to have that until he's a year old! He's 10 months now.

Two New Teeth - Well Almost

  • Isaak has one new tooth on the top front teeth; another will pop through any day now.
  • He came up and bit my leg twice last night. At this age it's so hard disciplining. I tell him a firm "No", he cries.
  • Part of me wants to laugh. It's sort of funny that someone just comes up and bites your leg. I have to refrain myself.


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