Saturday, June 13, 2009


Isaak Almost 13 Months
Mica Almost 4 Years Old
  • Mica and Isaak as statue's.
  • Note- Travis was close to Isaak, I Photoshopped him out.


  • In the garden they had a section of model trains. Mica was so excited!
  • That was nothing compared to when the conductor came out and let Mica go in his special spot to drive the model trains.
  • Now he's been saying that he wants this train set up for his birthday. I don't think so.

Lauritzen Gardens - Omaha's Botanical Center

Mica in a Pergola
Mica Cranking a Water Mill
Mica Leading Us into a Garden
Daddy and Mica
Daddy and Isaak
  • We went to visit Lauritzen Gardens today. It was pretty fun!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ozzy Osbourne

  • I called Isaak "Ozzy Osbourne" this morning. I caught him with Mica's plastic bat in his mouth.
  • For those of you reading this that don't know the history behind Ozzy, he bit off the heads of plastic bats in his concerts. One time someone from the audience threw up a real bat on stage. He bit the head off thinking it was one of his plastic bats. It was in the media big time.


  • boss informed me last week that I have to learn web. I learned it in grad school. Probably not the most efficant way because my teacher never showed up.
  • I'm going to be using this blog to sort of launch myself off with learning.
  • I found a useful website that takes some blogging add on's down to my level. It is:
  • Through this I've learned how to make the tool bar at the top. I added links too!
  • I didn't make it too designerly (if that's even a word) yet. But...hey I'm just learning. At least I got it to function.
  • My next step is to make one of those cute little buttons that you can grab coding off of to place in someone else's blog. That cute little button will probably turn into a days worth of headache. At least I'm forcing myself to learn!

Eating Well? Not so Much!

  • Lately I've been looking at Isaak's plate thinking, "He's eating pretty good".
  • When the meal is over, I clean up the floor around him, after I put it all back on his plate to take to the sink, it looks almost like it did when he started.
  • He even dumps his cup of milk on the floor.
  • Any tips on getting him to drink cows milk? He doesn't seem to be too excited about it! This is a new one for me, Mica LOVES milk.

Prefers Girls

  • Mica went to 2 parks with Grandpa Spiehs earlier this week. He met a few kids, and played with them. When he went to leave, he told my dad that he liked the girl better then the boy.
  • That night we went to Wendy's. They had a multimedia CD in the happy meal. I played it with him when we got home. You could make your own character. Mica wanted his character to be a girl every time. When I set up my character as a boy, he said, "No Mommy, it needs to be a girl"!

"This is Kind of Gross"

  • I made a pan of chicken enchilada's, and another of steak enchilada's.
  • I asked Mica if he liked his? He said, "No Mommy this is kind of gross!" His honesty is brutal, yet so innocent.
  • For the record, Travis, Isaak and I loved them!

I'm Gonna Knock You Out!

  • Isaak's been tring to beat up Mica. He thinks it's funny to corner him, and start wailing on him. I've had to remove him from the situation. I look in his eyes and say "No Isaak". He gives me sort of a blank look, like he's thinking "What did I do?"
  • I think he's just trying to do what he sees the big kids doing, wrestling. Last night I tried to capture it on video, but lost my chance.


  • Isaak used to be stuck on one word. He'd say that one word all the time because it was a new sound that he figured out. He hasn't done this for awhile.
  • He says, "Ni Ni Ni Ni" for Night Time, "App Pull" for apple, "Ball", "Hot", "Mmm" for Yummy, "Ma Ma", "Da Da", and recently said "Bam Pa" for Grandpa.
  • He points at everything waiting for us to tell him what it is.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Christmas in June

  • I've been stashing toys away, and getting them out at odd times to entertain the boys. Rotating toys is great! That way old toys seem new again.
  • This morning I got out all the Little People stuff! The toys cover our living room. Mica hasn't seen some of those toys for awhile, so it's like Christmas in June at our house. He told Evan, "We can build Discovery City!" That's the city's name for the Little People.
  • It's a great day to get out toys they haven't seen for awhile because Travis has all 4 boys today. I didn't think about how they may fight over them though - oops!
  • The older boys lit up like Christmas tree's when they saw what I brought out for them to play with. Little People are great because the age range is perfect for my kids (1 to 5 years). Even my niece (Kailey), who is in middle school loves to play with Little People when she comes over to babysit. I have to admit, I love playing with them myself.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Punk or Curious Little Boy?

  • I gave Mica a popsicle, Isaak found the wrapper, and ripped it up into little tiny pieces all over the floor.
  • I called Isaak a "little punk". Mica said, "Mommy, Isaak is not a little punk, he's just a curious little boy."
  • Immediately I asked him which family member told him that? He said, "No one. He's just a curious little boy Mommy."

That's Not Appropriate!

  • Mica has been telling Isaak, "Isaak that's not appropriate!" when he gets into things.
  • He gets into things a lot of the time.

Monday, June 8, 2009


  • Isaak's been getting in my way in the kitchen! He wants up when I'm working on a hot stove. I have to put my foot down and say, "Sorry Isaak you're just going to have to wait for Mommy to get done here." I don't want my baby burned!
  • He used to open the safety lock cupboards; they open just enough to put his little arm's in there, and they'd get stuck. I'd rescue him, and he'd do it all over again. They just don't understand cause and effect at that age.
  • Last week he found the under the stove drawer. At first I was saying, "No Isaak". Now I've given up. There really isn't anything under there that could hurt him. So...I let my toddler bang pans around on the floor in the kitchen. It's a little loud, but it keeps him occupied up until I open the dishwasher; then he's trying to get into the silverware. That I don't let him get into.


  • Mica was pretty hyper on Sunday. He would not take a nap.
  • I told Mica, "Mica you're being ridiculous."
  • He said back, "Mommy I am diculous".
  • It's pretty hard being annoyed with them when they are so cute in the process.


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