Saturday, January 23, 2021

A #giveaway for a Strong Woman

I feel really inspired to give something away. It's been awhile, too long, since I've had a giveaway on here. 

The newish job I have is going to be supported. All my likes in the form below won't be for me. They will be for where I work, and for other women bloggers that have been by my side. 

I'm going to share something really personal, but you all know I'm an open book. I don't believe in hiding things that matter. Sharing is caring. Whatever I go though something, someone else is going through that same situation as well. 

Ever since October I haven't had that special time of the month. This week I went to get my blood drawn; to see what's up with me. I found out that I get to go through the change of life slightly early. Oh joy! The first thing I asked my doctor, "Is this why I get so dang emotional?" She said, "Yes!" 

I cry when I have things to do, but don't have all the instructions to do the things I'm supposed to do. Then I laugh because I'm crying. Then I cry because I'm laughing. 

I did this painting quite awhile ago...

My doctor said, "Your ovaries are tired". That bird in the piece above is absent. I feel this emptiness inside me.

I ran across this article that talks about The Change of Life. I feel emotional, and empty. I feel like I have no one to talk to. All I'm ever around is my boys, and husband. It is what it is. Women - we should open dialog about all the things we have to go through. 

I looked up if asthma is worse when a woman goes though menopause. Apparently it is. I have extra asthma + the worry of getting covid, which also effects the lungs. 

Really I should be happy. I no longer want children + I don't have a monthly visitor. I'm free! 

I popped open my FB, and two of my friends that are my age just had babies. Even if kids where possible, I wouldn't want them. BUT...there's no denying that they were such an important part of my life, for so long. Now they hide themselves in their rooms, and barely say, "Boo!"

We've all been going through a tough time! I want to make some woman's day! 

I bought this fun bag, that I really always intended on giving away, but never did:

Inside I'm going to stuff it with random things. Like your favorite candy...

Mine is Dove chocolate, so that's sitting in my Amazon cart right now. I can get you whatever candy you desire because this post is about me, yet the giveaway is about you. 

Because we're in the midst of a pandemic I have some all natural soap + CBD hand sanitizer you can carry with you.

I have these cute RBG stickers + little elephant notebooks also in my Amazon cart. I'll buy them, once you tell me your favorite candy. 

It's giveaway time! You know the have to be over the age of 18 to enter. To make this easier on me I'm going to make this a U.S. giveaway. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

WW: Toilet Paper Rolls {Linky}

I decided when the pandemic happened that I wouldn't hoard toilet paper. I in fact bought a lot before the pandemic went down. 

Instead of hoarding toilet paper, I hoarded the toilet paper rolls. 

I decided to cut them, paint them, and cut them into 1/4" strips. 

Then it was weaving time! At first I didn't like how the process went. Weaving with thin cardboard isn't quite the same at weaving with fabric. I eventually got the hang of it. Clothes pins work great as clamps. 

The table runner is coming out pretty good. The sections will be painted with varnish. I have to decide if I want to sew them together, or sew them to a fabric backing. 

What crazy projects have you worked on lately?

Monday, January 11, 2021

Sleepy 😴

 Isaak and I are going to start taking melatonin. Ever since May happened I haven’t slept well at all. At first I blamed it on me having to wake up at 4:30 AM, for Fresh Thyme, but it’s stayed persistent. 

Isaak’s always been more difficult than Mica in regards to sleeping. He oftentimes pops up out of bed at 10 to get water, or to use the bath room. I often wonder if he ever fell asleep. His doctor wants him on a small dose of melatonin. 

I was always pretty iffy on the med. There hasn’t been a lot of studies done with melatonin and kids. But Isaak’s past the size of a small adult, so I feel better about it. 

Have you struggled in the sleep department, since the pandemic hit?

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Happy New Year!!!🎆

I know I’ve been absent a lot more this year. It’s been a wild ride. 

It’s only going to get wilder! I’m starting to teach an advertising | design class early February. I wanted to get as much as I could done, while I was on a break from my full time job. Trouble is, I had so many questions, that I couldn’t get going on it very well. Like I couldn’t find my classes description on their site, their calendar didn’t show when their spring break is, and they use a different format from what I’m used to. I want to do a good job, but so didn’t want this to get in the way of my full time job. 

I kept waking up, feeling like...gawd what did I get myself into? The person in charge of me emailed me back her phone number, I called, and had a ton of questions. 

Now I’m feeling better about the class. Although I still don’t know where I’m going, and the students use PCs, when I use a MAC. I’ll get there. 

I also found out I have a phone “trial” on the 8th, for unemployment. They thought in May that I was playing their system, by taking the summer off, and collecting from them. I have to let my work know. I’m so annoyed about it! 

We spent the break eating junk, playing board games, and binge watching The Americans for the 2nd time. We each got our choice of games, so we played Pandemic twice, Heats three times, Shanghai Rummy 1/2 way, Dominos- Chicken Scratch once, Sequence once, Chinese Checkers once, and Stratego once. That’s a lot of games! 

What did you do during the break? 


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