Thursday, March 1, 2012

Skipin' Rope

Mica was all excited about Jump Rope for Heart. He wants to do it because there is a party in the school gym. The funny thing is, is that the boy can't jump rope, yet. We've tried a few times at the Y. He got frustrated and looked like he was going to cry. I told Mica that jumping rope is a lot like walking, you just need to build up the coordination to do it. Someone told me to use the time to try and learn how to jump rope. I like that idea. He can raise money to defeat the skill. I suppose he could try and learn how before the event. With ALL THE TIME WE HAVE. I'm being sarcastic of course. I'd like the boy to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels; more so than jump rope.
I guess I need to go buy a jump rope. I have one somewhere, but I have NO CLUE where it's at. It would be a perfect gift for Easter, but I don't think we can wait that long. The Easter Bunny could have brought a jump rope for Mica and a Loop de Loop, otherwise known as a Hula Hoop for Isaak.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WW: Superhero's to the Rescue! {Linky}

The Y had a Superhero Party. I took my two nephew's Evan and Elijah along with Mica and Isaak. They had so much fun! They all very much got into character! I had more pictures of Isaak and Elijah because they split all the kids up into 2 groups. I decided to hang out with the 3 year old's.

Isaak Spider-Man Pumping Iron!

Isaak Spider-Man and Elijah Batman.

Isaak Spider-Man wouldn't take his mask off for anything!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Isaak Painted His Own Face

At Isaak's preschool they got to paint their own face today!

He was so proud! I think it looks like he was attacked by Smurfs.

Mica Moose is Missing a Tooth!

Mica had two loose teeth in the front yesterday. Well one got so loose, and was being stubborn about coming out! He twisted and turned. That boy turned his tooth around and it still was attached. I couldn't watch. Most things do not gross me out, but this gave me the chills! He looked like a hillbilly; that hadn't gotten dental work done in a long time. Well it finally popped out!

Mica wrote a letter to his teacher telling her that he lost a tooth. I guess it goes on a calendar at school.

The tooth fairy came to visit. Mica sat right up in his bed while she walked into his room. If only she was really little, flew and we didn't have wooden floors that made noise as footsteps went through the house. She pretended to put clothes into his drawers. Then came back at a later time.

This time instead of putting his money right in his bank, he wanted it counted, he wanted to know what president was on the coins and what coins they were. Then he told me that he was saving it to buy toys. Hummm...this is a new one. Before he was just satisfied getting the money. Now he realizes that money can buy things.

He may have two teeth out before too long. Than adult teeth will grow in. I think kids look like they have buck teeth when adult teeth come in with baby teeth right beside them. Too funny!


I have to say that I'm not a dog lover. The lick, they smell, they get in my face, many ride people's leg, many bark and I'm allergic to them. Are they cute? Yes. Isaak loves them. I pretend to love them to.

I got two shirts for Mica and Isaak from the discount store Zulily. We just got them last Thursday. They are from the store Zuma.

Usually I have little problems with my boys posing to take pictures. They love to get their pictures taken.

This day, Mica wasn't cooperating. Usually if they are not cooperating, it's Isaak that's trying to run away. You can see what the photo looked like unedited.

Regardless me not caring for dogs and Mica's antics, the shirts are cute!

I got Isaak a pair of jeans to, but they are right now too big. I on purpose got them larger, so they would fit next year. The jeans came with a dog key chain; that Isaak insists on sleeping with. They have Zuma the dog on the button and an orange Z on the back pockets!

This Game Looks Like it Would Build Hand Eye Coordination!

I'd love to win this game for Isaak! It looks great for hand eye coordination! Natural Baby Goods is giving one away.


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