Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Drive Home

  • Last night on our drive home after picking up the boys, Mica said, "Mommy I have a squirrel running all over me"! I asked him, "Is he tickling you Mica?" He said, "Yes Mommy" and giggled. I told him not to let the squirrel bite Isaak.
  • Then Mica was telling me all the people that are his, "Best Friends". He told me that Evan (his cousin) was his favorite sister. Funny boy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


  • It's almost turkey time. I'm excited to go to MO. Mica keeps asking me everyday, "Are we going to go to Grandma and Grandpa Apel's house today Mommy?" It should be a good visit. I wounder if Isaak will sleep the whole drive? I hope he's happy in the car. It would be so nice if we could hold him in the car. The safety of car seats is great though.
  • On Mica's preschool paper he wrote, "I'm thankful for mom". Dad wasn't on there, so I teased Travis a little. Evan's said, "I'm thankful for turkey". Funny kids.

Hearing Test

  • Isaak passed his standard hearing test! They give one to kids after having meningitis because of potential scar tissue. He had a little trouble with the first part because he wouldn't stay quiet (babble, babble). I had to plug him up with his binky. Then he did fine. I had to keep him looking forward for the second part of the test, and he kept wanting to look over to the sides with the sounds, lights and Winnie the Pooh the whole time. He was only supposed to look over there when the sound happened. Someone came in to play with him, to keep him looking forward, and he heard pitches that she couldn't hear.
  • I was a little annoyed that they said that they usually see them back in 6 months, then once a year after that. This was never told to me when he was sick. They told me that they needed to see him back one last time, and that was it. I'll have to call his doctor on that one.
  • I remember with Mica, Boy's Town Clinic kept wanting to see him back after his staph infection and tongue problems. Mica's primary doctor told me, "Mica talks fine and doesn't need to see anyone anymore". He talked the doctor's ear off when we went in one time. I'm all for being on the safe side of things, but sometimes I think doctors are out for the money, or maybe it's the experiment side of things. I felt like Mica was interesting to the doctors because of his funky tongue. It had little to do with them solving any issues we had. He compensated very well. I don't want anything to be a precursor to make health insurance to sky rocket more.
  • I am happy that Isaak did pass his hearing test. I thought he would because he responds to his name, loud noises and toy sounds.


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