Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Day Before Halloween

  • I wanted to get a shot of the boys with the scarecrow Mica and Daddy put together. 
  • Uncle Tyson works at Oriental Trading Company. He gave us the foam pirate design that Mica put on the pumpkin's face. I have a few old students that work there to. Most of their stuff is crafty junk. They have a lot of stuff that is fun too. This kept Mica entertained for an evening.
  • Mica's wearing Isaak's Baby Legs on his arms. He was really excited to wear them. Then at the end of the day he ripped them off and told me they are for baby's. They are originally for baby's, but their website showcases them on their site with older kids wearing them on their arms.
  • The kids were very cute this morning. You can tell their cuteness in the photo's.
  • Then very crabby this afternoon. Both kid's wouldn't nap. Mica I understand. Isaak I wish would nap!

  • Read Isaak's shirt. Front says, "Peeka" and the back says "Boo." 
  • I was kind of mad at myself. I found this shirt stuffed away in his dresser. I thought it was for next year, but no it fits him perfect now. I found other shirts in the same pile. Boo is right!
  • This is what happens when you have a second kid, same sex. You forget what you have. At least I do!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Halloween Party

  • Being an art instructor, we're expected to dress up for Halloween. I decided to be a baker this year. I made a lot of goodies that only lasted a few hours. Yep, my students devoured them! Yesterday there were cookies all set out on my coffee table. I set them there to harden. Check out these contemporary coffee tables at CSN|Stores!
  • In case you are wondering my apron says, "Everyone has their price, mine is chocolate."There is some truth to that.

 A huge plate of fall sugar cookies! The outside layer are acorns.

I quickly made some Mummy cookies. These are Oreo cookies. I took one side of the Oreo and dipped it in white almond bark. I scratched it with a fork. Then I added mini chocolate chips for eyes. I so wanted the edible googly eyes, but didn't get them.

I made Cake Pops. Not just one, but a whole pan of them. The inside has chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. They were a hit. You can see how they were made here.

Bath Time

  • The kid's are crazy when it's bath time. 
  • They both blow bubbles in the water, dump water on each others head's and toys are fly everywhere!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Forget to Enter My Giveaways!

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Dancing Piano Keys

  • Mica's and Isaak go to stroller class with their Aunt Terra on Mondays. 
  • Mica runs half the way, while Isaak whines if he has to walk from the playground to the car. Mica's a go go boy like his Dad. Isaak's a I'll sit and watch type of kid like his Mom.
  • During the heavy workout that the Mom's do, they stop and do some stretching exercises
  • Mica told his Aunt Terra and another lady in the group, "You two look like dancing piano keys!" Mica along with the two ladies started cracking up.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday - New Improved Buzz

  • Daddy made the wings. 
  • We sewed the straps for the wings and added more fabric down the middle because the costume was a little too tight. 
  • Ignore the newspapers all over the floor.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

  • I've been listening to presentations all day today. My brain hurts! I have to come back to work tonight for a Program Advisory Board Meeting. I have class again tomorrow. It's one of those weeks where I want to collapse.
  • Daddy took some birthday money and is going to a Roger Waters concert with his boss tonight.
  • We have cousin Kailey coming to babysit.
  • We've been trying for the last few nights to finish up Mica's costume. Daddy made him Buzz Light Year wings that are the sweetest ones I've seen! We sewed straps for it last night. We also had to extend his costume. That was much bigger of a deal then I thought it would be. We might as well of made the whole costume. Mica is super excited though. He'll get to wear it 3 times. Halloween night and to the two preschool's he attends.
  • I have to fix Isaak's elastic on the foot part of his Lil' Frankie costume too. It snapped when Mica wore it at his age. That shouldn't take long.
  • I have to finish up my costume as well. Since I'm an art teacher, I have to dress up. A baker is my costume. I'm wearing an apron and baker's hat. So far I've made a lot of chocolate Cake Pops dipped in orange candy melts. I put them on sucker sticks this time. I have sugar cookies made, but not frosted. They are just leaves and acorns. I want to make Mummy's too. We'll see if time allows for that.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Zombie Daddy

  • Daddy went on a Zombie Walk in a local part of town called Benson. 
  • He had fun! There were about 500 people participating in the event. 
  • He looked pretty scary! 
  • He's not used to having a mustache. I told him to keep it until Halloween, but he shaved it off.

Don't Forget!

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      Baby Sat

      • The kid's were babysat by their older cousin Kailey yesterday. 
      • I went out with my sister's and mom for Grandma's birthday
      • Isn't it funny how when a Mom becomes a Grandma they are called Grandma more then Mom? 
      • It's much easier taking mom out then to get her something. She enjoys a day with her girl's. We usually go out to lunch then shop around for a bit.
      • Mica was waiting at the window for Kailey to come for about an hour. He was so excited. I think I heard, "When is Kailey going to get here?" fifteen times at least. I told him that she would get here when the clock hands were on the 12. The clock hit 11 and he's like, "Mom it's 12!" I said, "No Mica both hands have to be on the 12. You have an hour to wait." 
      • I had a good time. I did buy an outfit. I told myself that if the pants fit that I was going to buy them. They were on sale, and a size smaller then I normally wear. 
      • I got home and Mica said, "Mommy I think Kailey forgot to feed us!" He is going through a growth spurt. The boy wants food all the time! I want to put a brick on his head.
      • Then Isaak woke up from his nap. The first thing he said was, "Mommy wears Kailey?"
      • I think the boy's love their cousin!

      Sunday, October 24, 2010

      Puzzles Rock!

      • Both of my boy's love puzzles! Isaak's mastered toddler puzzles and Mica's onto 100 piece puzzles. 
      • The biggest challenge is challenging them without making them frustrated. 
      • One thing we don't have is role playing puzzles. Like the Play Puzzle City shown that Organic Girl is giving away from Didis Toy!
      • This would be so fun to win! 
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