Saturday, June 27, 2015

Out of the Box Saturday

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday is now Out of the Box Saturday. It's all about me discovering something that is different. I don't want to post things that you and I have more than likely heard before. I want to find something different. I'll cover something sing | songy one week, and artsy | fartsy the next.

I know this is going up later than usual. The boys were at a library lock in last night until 10. The cousins they have that are their same ages spent the night. We went to Lowes Clinic this morning, and out to pick mulberries this afternoon.

I'm doing something a little different this week. I'm just going to show you where I'm at with that poster I was/am working on. It's a collaboration with a co-worker. I'm doing all the coloring. I scanned in watercolor and salt textures. Then I've been color things in the computer. As soon as I thought I was done something else came up to do all week long. Next week I'll show a new artist.

The bottom space is for type. 


After I was well into starting the poster I was told that each character would need to be done in a separate document to use for PowerPoints, stickers, and other things. I knew it would be a pain. It's kind of like going backwards. The monkey they now want to be shown juggling. That almost started an argument with my boss and his wife.

Here's some that I've worked on: 

Now I'm working on that juggling monkey.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. I finally watched Boyhood. I put it on hold at the library many moons ago. I heard a mix of reviews from friends. I decided to watch it to decide if I like it myself. I liked it. It was just about life. If you haven't seen it, don't expect action. Travis thought it was lame. Hence the reason why I heard such different reviews.
    Have you seen it? Did you like it, or dislike it?

  2. Source

  3. I'm watching the news, while I'm posting this. There's a guy that caught a baseball, while feeding his baby. Everyone cheered. I told Travis, "The news would be very different if he would have missed that catching that ball, and the ball hit the baby in the head. People would be saying, 'What the bleep is wrong with people!'" It's all about the outcome and perception sometimes.

  4. Tonight the kids go to another lock in at the library. Isaak's super excited because he's now old enough to go. Their cousins will be joining them. They literally lock the library up. It will be a late night, but not an over night. Except their cousins will be coming here afterwards to sleep the night away. 

  5. My parents had a difficult day with the boys 1 day this week. The other day was perfectly fine. I wouldn't call the boys bad. They are just boys. They like to wrestle at times. It's not fighting to them, it's playing. I sent them with lots of stuff to do the next time.

  6. I've been watching The Wonder Years. I won season 2 off of some random website. Then I won season 3 off of Jumpin Bean's blog. I love shows/movies with narrator in it: The Wonder Years, Stand By Me, and Sand Lot.

I'm Not Usually That Person

In real life I'm a worker, a pretty calm person, and silly at home. Assertive I am not.

Our Education Director at work quit this spring. She wanted to spend more time with her grandchildren. 

The Director wanted us to turn in our syllabi as soon as possible to look over them. I got mine done right away. It was a month ago. 

I asked her 3 times if she had a chance to go over them? The answer was, "Not yet." each time.

Yesterday in the morning I sent her over a message asking her again. I never heard anything back.

I know this girl is the type that stands her ground. She doesn't let people walk on her. She feels very comfortable being a boss. It's annoying, but great for her! I'm not like that. I am to the students at first, so they know I mean business, but then I loosen up a bit as we move on, to be more myself. Comfortable in my own shoes. I'm not assertive towards co-workers, friends, or family. It's more like people walk over me, and I get pissed about it. 

To me when someone says they want something right away that means they want to get the task done, and back to you. It would be like someone saying to you, "Hey can you meet up with me at 10? I know it's late, short notice, but don't be late." You show up at the scheduled time, and they are no where in sight. I wasn't pissed, just annoyed.

It was a day later...I left another message saying in a kind, yet firm fashion, "I haven't heard back from you one way or another about my syllabi. You wanted them as soon as possible, and I got them to you. If I don't hear from you, I'm going to assume they are close to perfect, and will print copies of them later today. I have to get going on my classes. I'm taking time off in July, and need to move things along."

5 minutes later she called back. It's interesting how she called right back this time, when yesterday she didn't call back at all. Her, "I haven't had time to look at them yet. We have awhile until school starts. When did the (Previous Education Director) get them to you?" Me, "Before she left for the summer. I have 3 classes. Before I move along with handouts, lesson plans and such I need the syllabi approved." She said, "I'll try and get to them before the end of the day." 

So...the person I usually am not more than likely got the point across. 

If I have to be here all summer I'd like to get my classes ready to go. The funny thing I'm working on a poster for my boss that isn't due until August. What makes my syllabi any different then that?

Plus I just watched Fried Green Tomatoes not too long ago. I have that Katy Bates image in my mind. It takes courage to stand up for myself, but when it's said and done it feels good.

Are you an assertive person, or are you laid back?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Junk Stock

We went to a place called Junk Stock. Do you have that where you live? People sell antiques, crafts, fixed up furniture and more. 

It's so crazy here that they have certain designated parking lots for the event. Then buses come by to pick people up, and at the end the bus drops you back off at the parking lot again. It's $6 to get in the door, or you can buy a pass for $15 for all 3 days it's there. Kid's get in free. Plan on taking extra cash for food, or you can bring food in the door.

We planed on buying something, but walked out with nothing. I did like an old doll I saw, we loved some redone tables in one booth, and Travis liked an artist filing bin with long drawers. We really don't have the room for a table like we saw. The artist filing bin was already sold.

Beyond the junk they had a kid's section. 

It had our Storm Chasers Baseball Mascot.

The smallest pony we've ever seen. It was so cute!

A friendly goat. I just love goats. 

For city kids it's a treat to see farm animals.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What are three things you'd do tomorrow if fear wasn't stopping you?

I'm participating in a link up you can find HERE.

The question of the month is: What are three things you'd do tomorrow if fear wasn't stopping you?

My 3 Things Are:

1. I'm very afraid of heights. I was impressed with myself last year when I did a balcony tour at Mesa Verde. I was thinking, "They do tours all the time I'm safe" Nope! They had one balcony that had a wooden ladder that went to another balcony. Then the path had no rail. I was FREAKING out. Thankfully someone from another family (the Dad) was freaking out to. I didn't feel so alone. Also the raven that happened to fly, and land in their window distracted me. Let's just say that I listened to nothing the tour guide said. My mind was on my kids staying safe.

I'd do the tour again, only listen to the tour guide this time. It may be harder knowing what the tour is all about.

We had to walk right on that edge. YIKES!

2. Zip lining. It looks pretty, but ya fear gets in my way.

3. A day of rides. My boys all love rides like roller coasters and flying swings. Not me. I picture the swings flying off, and the coaster flying off the rail. I hate watching my boys on the rides. I think, "There goes my family." Seriously! BUT it would be nice to relax, and go on rides to have fun with them.

What about you? What are three things you'd do tomorrow if fear wasn't stopping you?

Gene Leahy Mall

We decided to take the boys + a friend to Gene Leahy Mall.

If you ever go there you need to know 4 things:
  1. Bring a lot of wax paper - They have gigantic slides that even adults can slide on, but you'll go faster if you have wax paper. If you don't have wax paper, take along a flattened cardboard box.

  2. It's more like a park than a mall. 

  3. Bring bread if you want to feed the ducks

  4. It's a good idea to wear tennis shoes. Below the slides is gravel. You'll get rocks stuck in your shoes otherwise.
*I got permission to post photos of Isaak's friend.

There are some fun sculptures in Gene Leahy Mall.

The kids always love walking along the bridge. You can sometimes see ducks, and a small waterfall from it.

The wax paper makes you go really fast, so be careful at the end of the slide. Isaak's friend flew off it, and scraped his knee.

Isaak's a prime example of what not to do on the slide. It's hard because there are kids all over the place. Prep your kids with what not to do. I had a little talk with him when I saw him do these things. Isaak did the first 2 things. The rest I saw other kids doing. 

Things I Saw That Were No, Nos: 
  1. Don't stop at the end of the slide, and not get off. 

  2. Don't jump off the slide. The sides are kind of high up. 

  3. Don't go on the slide when someone else is on it, unless you have a plan about going down like a train. There are a lot of little kids on the slide. One of them doesn't need to get hurt. 

  4. Were tennis shoes. Gravel in your shoes isn't fun. 

  5. Don't bring stuffed animal to put down the slide. They will fall, and get really dirty! I never did understand the obsession with bring toys to somewhere already fun.

  6. Parents keep an eye on your child! Just because they are having fun doesn't mean something bad can't happen to them.
The slides are shaded by trees. Yes they can get hot, but not as hot as you'd think. 

We shared wax paper with a kid, and they were so nice, and shared ice cream with our kids.

Inspecting His Wound

A Glimpse at the Speed of the Slides

Do you have slides like this where you live?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WW: Joslyn Castle {Linky}

We only walked around the outside of Joslyn's Castle. I plan on taking a tour in the inside soon.

Do you have any castles where you live?

The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel'sThe Apel's

Does Discipline Exist With Other Animals?

When we were at OPPD Arboretum we spotted some birds. They were tweeting like crazy! 

One was up in the grass.

The other 2 were down in the muddy water. Can you see the baby? It's camouflaged.

It looked as though this was a family of 3. The parents were telling their baby, "Get out of the mud! You're going to get stuck, and won't be able to fly away!"

Soon after I took these photos Isaak fell in the muddy water further downstream. Where the water was deeper. It's probably because I wasn't getting after him. I was too busy watching the birds discipline their young. 

Random: Isaak swears that he speaks bird. He tweets a tweeting noise. Birds actually tweet back.

Do you think other animals besides us discipline their young?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Quick Stitch Sewing Kit Review

Quick Stitch Sewing Kit is perfect to get any small sewing job done!

It's perfect for adults, or kids. I gave Isaak his first lesson in sewing. He seemed to pick it up. 

Quick Stitch Sewing Kit has 12 colors of thread to choose from. I told Isaak to pick a color that matched a pillow case that had a hole in it. He picked brown.


 Then I showed him how to thread a needle. I love how this little set has anything you need. We used the little scissors to.

I turned the pillow case inside out, and sewed the hole shut, and had Isaak sew back the other way. He caught on quickly!

Now I have pillowcase without a hole!

The Quick Stitch Sewing Kit was easy to use. I love how everything is in one tight, small spot. It's portable if you need to take a sewing project somewhere. 

This set would have been perfect when I was working on my paper animal, sewing project.

I think this is a perfect gift for someone learning to sew, someone out on their own for the first time, and someone that's working on a portable project. 


$24.95, but it's on sale right now for $12.95.

Do you like to sew?

The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel'sThe Apel'sThe Apel's
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