Friday, December 1, 2017

Natural Lip Balm Review

I have a nervous problem: I bite my lip. That's right...I don't bite my fingernails, smoke, or drink. Instead I bite my lip. Me being a lip biter under stress, and dry winter air I tend to get dry, cracked lips.

So far it's not too bad this year. I have the stress. Stress could be a post in its self. The good thing is that I had this sinus surgery before. Now I'm not just a mouth breather.

Meet Natural Lip Balm:

It's felt like I have had it on all day, and I've only applied it once. I've even had a meal in the middle of the day.


Coconut Oil and Shea Butter

It's so wonderful that it's packed with goodness, and not fillers.


Natural is what I got to review
Coconut Oil

They sell them in packs of 3 for $9.99, but also give you the option to mix up the scents for the same price. I was thinking the cost was expensive at first. That's before I realized it's a set of 3. My goodness what's in it is great for your lips.

Where to Get It:

You can get it on The Healing Tree's website: It's from Thailand.

Are you a lip biter like I am? Stop it if you can. Help you lips out with The Healing!

Disclaimer: I got this lip balm in exchange for an honest review. This company didn't influence my review. I only review products I think will fit my family, or my readers.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Portable North Pole - Personalized Santa Videos, Toys and More!

Mica asked about a month ago, "Mom when you get the videos from the Portable North Pole, let me know." It's been a couple years, since he's stopped believing in Santa. He apparently LOVES this tradition.

At first Santa said Mica's name, "Meeka",  even if I spelled it "Micah". Santa called him, "My Friend". Now he says his name correctly. They certainly advance the videos and names every year.

Make Christmas Magic with Portable North Pole Portable North Pole 2017 (PNP) 

PNP makes Christmas even more magical by sending personalized video messages and calls from Santa from the enchanted North Pole to children young and old. Watch them be amazed as they see Santa in his home, the magical reindeer, and the hustle and bustle of the elves as they prepare for Christmas Eve. As the top free mobile Santa app with more than 160 million videos viewed, PNP is a cherished, modern holiday tradition for families worldwide. In just moments, create an adorable video from Santa that you and your child will remember forever. Simply visit the PNP website or download the mobile app on iOS or Android.


PNP offers a free video for every child with a new option to purchase a single premium video ($4.99) Premium package, including the Video Pass ($9.99) or Magic Pass ($13.99). Both packages provide six enchanting video storylines to choose from, with each offering five or more minutes of footage to watch, from exploring Santa's workshop to the amazing gift-wrapping machine, as well as the Reaction Recorder (available on mobile app only). In addition, you can create an unlimited number of videos, and receive a special "Santa's Coming" video to watch on Christmas Eve. Plus, the Magic Pass includes HD video downloads and five weekly bedtime videos read by Santa leading up to the big day.


Save 20% Make Christmas magic With Portable North Pole! - Use Promo Code: PNP7Family Magic Pass Discount:

Video Pass Discount: Video Pass: EN -->

Disclaimer: We get a FREE Magic Pass From Portable North Pole - Create Personalized Video Messages from Santa! I'll share our experience!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

WW: Thanksgiving {Linky}

My sister and brother-in-law took my nephew Emerson that has Trisomy 18 to Ohio. They spent some of their stay in a Ronald McDonald House, and much of their stay at a seizure clinic. They stopped one med, gave him a specific diet, and are trying a new med. Then they have Face Time meetings to see how he's doing. YAY!

I had 3 extra nephews in my care over Thanksgiving. In total I was caring for 5 boys. Thankfully some are the same ages, so they play well together. There are 2 twelve year olds, 2 nine year olds, and 1 three year old that was my helping buddy.


My nephew Evan took this of our family:

My nephews:

The three year old Edison helped me decorate pumpkin spice cupcakes and we put together this veggie tray:

After we ate a gigantic meal at my aunt's house and the boys played outside almost all day, Travis took the bigger boys downtown to see the lighting display and they listened to a free orchestra concert. I took my helper buddy Edison to Target, and home for bed. 

What did you do for Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Canvas On Demand Review

Canvas On Demand has awesome gifts for everyone on your holiday list! I love the variety they have. 

Ordering and Shipping:

I just ordered from Canvas On Demand last week, and got my 2 canvases in the mail already! I thought for the holiday rush that was pretty good! I did think the box could have been put together better for shipping, but the products looked great!

What did I get?

I got a coloring canvas. I did like their selection! We have a fairly small house, and are kind of running out of room for canvases. I did get one I knew would work in our kitchen. We have pepper colors: Red, Yellow and Green. Then we have Mexican decor. 

I envision a future art project with Isaak coming up! I'd like to work paint, and sewing into the skull. 

This is another example of a color canvas they have:


I couldn't go to Canvas On Demand without ordering a shot of my own family. Off we went to a park to shoot photos for the canvas and our holiday card - coming soon. Does anyone else hate that they have less daylight to take photos? I work, come home and it's dark. Weekends are my only time to shoot! We're busy on the weekends. It was hard squeezing this photo session in!

I tried the self timer. I had seconds to get in that shot. 

On their site they have options for a white edge, black edge, and photo edge. I picked photo edge. I took a photo that had plenty of room around the edge.

I'm happy with the canvas print!

Backside of Canvas:

I love how they have hangers to hang it horizontal and vertical. 

Are you done shopping for Christmas? That is, if you celebrate it. I pretty much hang on to much of what I get for reviewing, and things I've won to give for Christmas. I get stuff along the way.

Canvas on Demand is based in Raleigh, NC, @canvasondemand has everything you need to get your shopping done early. They offer more than just canvas prints. From incredible photo-to-canvas art for parents, Coloring Canvas for kids, and customizable photo gifts, including ornaments & more, Canvas On Demand can help with your holiday haul.


Disclaimer: I received a 16x20 Premium Gallery Wrap Canvas + 16x20 Coloring Canvas to review in exchange for writing this pre post. There will be a follow up post after I get the canvases.

Tips: Getting the Perfect Car #CarsCom #ad

This is a Sponsored Post.

We thought we'd be getting a new car when we had hail damage in the summer. Travis had to do a lot of calling back and forth to insurance and fix-it shop. We thought the Civic would for sure be totaled because of its age. It turned out that they did end up fixing both of our vehicles. 

I'm happy that there are sites out there like They are super helpful in all things car related:
  • Cars for Sale
  • Sell Your Car
  • Service and Repair
  • Research

Buying cars can be super intimidating. They are just so expensive. Sites like, make us happy and less stressed.

What do you look for in a car?

For us it's always been something reliable. We've gotten a few Subaru's and a few Honda's. I just don't want the car to fall apart on us. Honda's and Subaru's are pretty reliable, and good on gas.

For our next car I want to go with something less expensive. It will more than likely be the car that Mica learns how to drive on. What we've looked for in the past may not be what we look for in the future.

The key thing is to do your research! Utilize companies like to help in the process of finding a car that fits your family. They give straight forward answers to questions you may have.

Get more than one opinion. Going to different dealerships, and working with different dealers will help you you get different perspectives that you need.

Try and have fun when getting a new car. Like I said above it can be stressful. Just relax, and enjoy some rides before making a purchase.

For a Great Article on How to Clean and Detail Your Car Interior, check out this article. I have the most trouble keeping my trunk clear from stuff. Does your car need to be cleaned right now? 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sviuse Women’s PU Leather Tote Review

Sviuse Women’s PU Leather Handbag/Purse is certainly classy!


The front has front zippers that are decorative. I think they look fashionable. I could see a Mom that has tiny kids being annoyed because children love to zip and unzip things. For me it's perfect.


Has a small pocket. This small pocket is great for keys, loose change, or if you're caring jewelry on a trip.


There really wasn't a lot on the sides. I am kind of bummed it doesn't have side pockets. That's one thing I love about the purse I currently have. It's starting to get worn out, and that's why I needed a new purse.


There are different pockets on the inside. Enough to put cards, change, and bigger things like a phone.

The top has small handheld straps, but hooks on the sides to put on a shoulder strap. I actually use both. Usually I use the shoulder straps, but if I'm in a crowd where I'm nervous about theft I'll use the handheld straps. I also use the handheld straps if the purse has heavy things in that are weighing on my shoulders.


It only comes in black. Now I do know that they brand sells other purses in different colors. I wish they had a drop down menu for other colors. Colors I think many people would appreciate: Dark Brown, a Red Brown, Grey, Yellow Ochre and Red. What colors would you like to see them carry? 


$39.89 on Amazon Prime

Other Details: 

It’s leather, water resistant, and dust proof.


Do you call your or your wife's bag a purse, a handbag, a tote, or something else?


Disclaimer: I got this purse in exchange for an honest review. This company didn't influence my review. I only review products I think will fit my family, or my readers.


The opinions on this blog are my personal take on products and topics relating to motherhood. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me.

I am not compensated to provide opinions on a variety of topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own. If I claim to show knowledge of certain topic or product I will only endorse products or services that I feel, based on my expertise, are worthy of such endorsement.

If you have any questions about this blog, or want to get in contact with me please email me at: