Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nasty Fly

  • We heard a noise come from the back seat of the car. Traivs (who was driving) said, "What in the hell was that?" I looked back there, and Mica was swinging a book around.
  • He was trying to kill a fly. According to him, he killed it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Head Cold

  • Well I got Isaak's head cold. I think he had a cold and is cutting teeth at the same time. He did have two new teeth pop through. Isaak is still gnawing on his fingers, so I'm sure more teeth are to come.
  • I lost my voice. I'm supposed to speak at my school's graduation tomorrow. Hopefully I get my voice back by then!

Preschool Retakes

  • They didn't tell me Mica was getting photo retakes at preschool. They turned out better then the last ones, but I wouldn't of sent him in his excavator t-shirt if I would of known.
  • The expressions in the last two down are good. I'm picky, can you tell?
  • I just got 2 4x6's to put in his book.
  • If any relative's want any photo's of Mica or Evan, you can see them at: password is Spring2009PSP Mica and Evan are on the first page under Wednesday East. I didn't buy any to pass out. I just didn't like them enough to buy a whole package. They are fairly inexpensive though.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

  • Travis always takes Mica to Memorial Park for Memorial Day.
  • I'd like to go, but last year I just had a c-section and a new baby that was nursing. This year I had a one year old who didn't nap well all weekend and a birthday party.
  • They have parachutes come out of a plane.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feeding Time

  • My sister Terra told me that my dad was in charge of feeding the boys while my mom was out of the house today.
  • Usually I leave food with Isaak, but he's out of baby food. So I told my mom last week that she can give him pieces of what they have.
  • My dad went in, mashed up some food, and proceeded to try and feed the one year old's.
  • Neither one would eat. They kept turning their heads.
  • When my sister got there, my dad told her his dilemma. She went in the kitchen, saw some left overs, cut pieces up in chunks, and they both gobbled up their food happily. My dad said, "That's all you had to do?"
  • Our babies are all grown up Grandpa.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time Out!

  • I've been listening carefully as Mica plays lately. He's been giving his toys timeout's when he gets really frustrated with them. He did it to his train tracks two days ago, and a puzzle last night.


  • Isaak received money gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Kent and Aunt Angela's family.
  • Terra's family gave him a couple touch and feel books, which are the only books I can get the boy to read (very unlike Mica who sat to have us read to him for an hour at a time at Isaak's age). They also gave him a Glow Worm.
  • Aunt Becky gave him a Little People Airplane. We have much of Discovery City - Little People. A tub about as big as Isaak's crib around sits under Isaak's crib that is filled with Little People stuff.
  • My parents gave him a Little People Circus train that is a ride push toy. Mica and Evan love the Thomas push toy. They still play with it. I thought we could use another similar type of toy. They also brought in a big balloon for him, which is always a hit.
  • We got a CAT truck and a snack box with Grandma and Grandpa Apel's money.
  • Then we got a Sesame Street remote, a tiny push pop train, and an outfit with Aunt Laura's gift certificate.
  • Mica of course keeps trying to steel Isaak's toys. Isaak really doesn't know the difference. Someday he will though.
  • Thank you everyone!

Isaak's Party

  • Isaak's party was last night. All went well, but after the clean up I was too tired to post picts.
  • I got way too much food, but I guess too much is better than not enough. We had a big sub, baked beans, potato salad, chips, fruit and veggies. We had IBC Root Beer, IBC Cream Soda, limeade and lemonade.
  • Isaak loved the cake this time. He got it everywhere! It was a red velvet cake with chocolate frosting, so it looked a bit like a bloody scene on his Baby Tenda. He enjoyed it! I also made an ice cream cake with Cookie's and Cream Ice Cream. My first ice cream cake. It tasted better then a lot of other places because there was more cake with the ice cream. So many of the ice cream cakes I've had are all ice cream, and very little cake. So yummy!


  • My nephew's name is Evan Alexander Garst, sometimes we call him "Evanator". His dad always liked the Terminator movies, so "Evanator" sort of fits.
  • There has been a couple times where I've asked Mica what Evan's middle name is? He responds very matter of a factly with "Nator". He really thinks this is his middle name.
  • It makes me laugh.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fat Lip

  • I swear I didn't punch him!
  • Same night as previous post. Got done vaccuuming, Isaak was still crying. I got him up, nursed him again. He spit up all over himself. I put him down on the ground. He crawled, and face planted into the floor.
  • Now he is fussy and hurt! Singing, nursing, cuddling all are not working. He halfway smiled for these photo's. But trust me, he's not a happy camper!

Growth Spurt

  • Isaak is going through a major growth spurt.
  • He won't sleep because all he wants to do is eat. He's still nursing, so this makes me really hungry too. I gave him 3 full plates of food today. He ate everything.
  • We have his party tomorrow, and he's only taken a 1 hour nap all together. So much for me being prepared.
  • I put him down at 6:30. He usually goes down at 9. He's been fighting sleep, so I turned on the vacuum to not listen to his cry. Cruel, but he leaves me no choice.


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