Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mica Talks About Weather

Mica learned about clouds in Kindergarten. He told me, "Mommy I'm going to teach you all about them." So he did.

Have a Super Saturday and Sunday

This is one of Mica's latest drawings. It's him all grown up as a super hero with his stuffed animal rabbit he named, "Bloom."

What are you doing this weekend? Today we went toy store hopping.

We soaked up some fat brains at Fat Brain Toys. One of Mica's gifts from Santa, a 3D baseball puzzle was missing a piece. We returned it and got a mini Lego type castle called Neuschwanstein. Mica started it and Daddy's finishing it. It will be a project they have to do together. Tomorrow I'm going to google Neuschwanstein, so we can learn about the castle.

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We then took our fat brains and expressed some learning at Learning Express. Isaak's biggest gift from Santa had a few issues. Mrs. Claus bought a puppy that breathes. I was super excited about it when I found it. Guess who wasn't as excited about it? Isaak. He loves dogs. One of the puppy's paw's wasn't glued on good and came off as soon as we opened the box, he did not have an on/off switch (which is the biggest reason why I returned it) and Isaak took the collar off; we could not get back on. Isaak didn't look sad at all when I mentioned returning it and getting something else. Isaak did want another puppy and picked out the cheapest one there. He got a $4.99 Ty puppy. He's been cuddling with it all day. He looks at it and says, "You're so cute!" :) We also got a take-a-part airplane. Isaak loves taking it apart and putting it together! It's challenging, yet doable. Mica loves helping him!

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Have you ever gotten anything that you were excited about; then disappointed with? 

Here's the sweet Perfect Petzzz puppy I returned. He sure is cute! He wasn't perfect, cuddly and the biggest no, no was that he did not have an on/off switch!
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Friday, January 6, 2012


I love Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs - they are my parents after all.

Yesterday they took Isaak, Cousin Elijah and Cousin Evan (he's still out of school and goes back on Monday) to McDonalds after preschool. Grandma said a big reason why she took them to McDonalds is because she wanted to hear Isaak say, "MikerDonalds" over and over again. I had to chuckle. Just for the record, we don't go out to eat there all that often. They also took them to Red Mango afterwards.

Today I called to check up on how things were going? I asked Grandma how Karate Kid was? I let them borrow the newest one that Mica got in his stocking from Santa. She said it was ok, but that she wished it was in English. She didn't like the subtitles. Somehow the movie was in a different language and they didn't check the setting prior to watching it. I had a chuckle over that one to. When I told her the movie can be set to English she said, "No wonder why Isaak wasn't watching it too well. He was bouncing all over the place." They get really confused when I send over Blue Ray | DVD combo's as well.

In all seriousness they are great with the kids. They babysit them and that's HUGE! Grandma has rocked them when they were babies and still does when she reads to them. They take the boys for walks; make Mica run when he get stirred up. Grandpa lets the boys help with gardening stuff. They work on puzzles. They play with them. They take them places sometimes to.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Isaak did not take a nap today. He was such a major crab at dinner. Instead of taking our boys out to the YMCA for family night, Isaak went to bed. He was crying in bed saying, "I want to go to the YMCA!" He was so over tired. He went to sleep in five minutes, but woke up an hour later crying from a bad dream. Sometimes kids just need to crash! Bedtime was 6:15. I don't remember the last time he went down that early! Usually their bedtime is anywhere from 7:30 to 8.

Daddy and Mica headed over to the YMCA and played soccer, while on scooters. It Sounded like so much fun!

Today I Feel Nostalgic

Jamie from What I Did Today is going to be having a baby soon! I'm so excited for her, but I'm going to miss her blog to read if she's unable to keep it up for awhile. Who could blame her? :) She'll have 3 little ones to care for.

I was thinking back to when I had my little kiddos. The biggest surprises is what they looked like. I expected my boys to be bald like I was. They are carried for 9 months, and I had no clue what they'd look like. They both looked somewhat similar when they were infants. Except Isaak had different eyes then Mica.

To the left is Mica and to the right is Isaak. They both had black hair when they were born, then lost it, then it grew back light brown and slowly both of their hair has gotten darker. Their profiles were so similar.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Love Kids That Rock Out With Their Parents!

I've seen this team before. They've been on YouTube. They became a hit and are now on a car commercial. This is by far the best song I've seen them do.

Do you rock out with your kids/Grandkids? We do. Both of our boys like They Might Be Giants and the Beatles.

Here are a few of my fondest memories:

I only wish I would have shot this with better lighting and higher resolution!

My Neighbors Might Have/Could Have Gotten a Show Last Week

I kind of forgot about the story of this post all together. Last Friday Daddy had to work at an art gallery. I picked up both kids, made dinner in a hurry and we attempted to go swimming. The pool was closed, so the swimming thing only happened for a little bit.

Needless to say, I was a single mom for a night.

We walked in the door. I had my hands were very full. Isaak yells out, "I'm going to go potty in my pants!" I drop everything and run in the bathroom. He says, "I can't get my pants down!" I help him. Mica says, "I really have to go as well Mom!" In a panic I said, "Mica you can go on the back porch. Your brother is seriously going to pee his pants if I don't take him now!"

I proceed to go off a little on Isaak about how we need to go potty before we leave places. Sometimes he flat out refuses.

I pull Isaak's pants up and hear Mica come back in. I walk in the living room and notice the front door open. I said, "Mica why is the front door open?" He said, "Because that is where I went potty!" I said, "I told you to go out the back door; not the front door! Do you really want our neighbors calling the police because there is a naked boy outside?" He seemed really confused. I explained, "Mommy really shouldn't have you go potty outside at all. I just did in a panic because it's the first thing I thought to do. You need to go outside the back door, so no one sees you!" He's like, "Ok Mom." I was thinking about Mica with his pants down on his ankles, peeing off the porch and what people could have/might have seen! I just had to laugh. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WW: Native American {Linky}

Mica decided he wanted to look like a Native American. He went into his room, colored feathers, cut them out and taped them right to his head. He thinks of Native Americans straight from the Thanksgiving stories and pictures. Mica's interest in Native Americans could come from the band Brulé; we saw them awhile back. They sure can dance and the flute player is amazing!

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A Letter to His Teacher

Mica's teacher gave Mica a few books for Christmas.

Here's his thank you letter:

We're trying to teach him how to spell his middle name. That is why he included it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Tonight the boys started swimming lessons. This is the first time they've had paid swimming lessons. Cousin Kailey worked with Mica a lot different summers. She practically lived at the pool some summers. We take the boys swimming twice a week since we've joined the YMCA. They are both willing to jump in the water, swim with the foam noodle, kick, Mica doggie paddles, back float some. They are a little nervous with the back float.

Isaak had one on one with his instructor for awhile. The other 2 boys in his class are twins and were running late. He looked timid at first, but warmed up to his instructor really fast. His instructor is younger and just tried to get him to have fun.

Mica had two other kids in his class as well. His instructor is much more by the book. He walked the kids around, talked about safety and showed them around before they got in the water.

Can you see Mica's ribs? He's so stinking skinny! Daddy said that his ribs look like an accordion.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Have My Living Room Back!

The tree is down. Mica and Isaak wanted to help a little too much. I suppose that's a good thing. No ornaments are broken. They just were pulling on the beads and twisted them up a bit. Nothing that couldn't be undone. Now I just need to sweep where the tree was. Daddy needs to take the boxes downstairs.

Mica had his first play date yesterday. We cleaned house then. I learned that having a friend over is a good motivator to cleaning up!

I think he's going to have another tomorrow. Yesterday it was a girl that lives two houses down. He used to sit by her at lunch. She has a brother that's in 2nd grade. If Mica goes to play over there sometime, he can probably play with both kids. Tomorrow I might have two extra boys over. I called one boy's mom, she wasn't home, so I didn't leave a message. Then the other boy's mom I left a message. The crazy thing is that both boys have the same name. They both called me back. One didn't commit for sure, while the other did. The fact that they both have the same name confused me big time! At least with Mica's generation this isn't as common as mine. In my generation there was always more than one Sarah, Jennifer, Michael and Michelle. All names I like, but more than one usually. I am noticing more than one Aiden, Cayden, Landon and Hayden for boys. For girls it's Bailey, Hailey and Kaylee. Of course the spelling of each name is always different. 


I just got an email that Tea has an extra 25% off already marked down items. I wanted to let you know. I just bought things for Mica last week and couldn't find any codes. Now there is one right in my inbox that I won't use because I already bought what I wanted.

Use the code on here. I linked the photo to Tea's website.
I generally buy clothes for the following year at the end of the season, or after holidays where they are marked down. Since Isaak gets all of Mica's clothes, I don't buy a lot of new things for Isaak.

Here's what I bought:

They also have cute things for girls, women and eco toys, dishes and books! I didn't buy any of these things, but thought they were cute:


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