Saturday, October 29, 2011

Isaak's Two Finger, Fake Whistle

Friday, October 28, 2011

He Stepped On Her Shoelace!

Yesterday Mica got in trouble at school. It was the first time he's gotten marks. He had to miss part of recess! Daddy and I were not too impressed with his behavior!

He got three marks for minor things like talking during class, and one mark for something I consider major. A girl walked past him, he noticed that her shoe was untied and he decided to step on her shoelace. Only he wouldn't stop stepping on her shoelace!

It is my understanding that this girl did not fall. I only got Mica's perspective.

Daddy had already talked to Mica for 10 minutes about respect; then he got talked to by me. I also got a few CD's I won from My Baby's Going Green in the mail. I was going to wait and give the boys the CD's for Christmas. Instead, Mica listened to: Big Bully. We listened, we talked and we danced.

This weekend I'm going to have Mica write an apology letter to whom ever shoelace he stepped on. I would have done this last night, but a six year old writing a letter takes a long time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


One thing that Daddy and Grandpa Spiehs have been into is rocks. They are artistically cool. Some of the grandkids have taken up this interest to!

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3D Puzzles

Grandpa Spiehs dug out a few 3D puzzles for Mica to try. Grandma Spiehs kept telling Grandpa that they would be too hard. They are for ages 12 and up. Mica's known to be a puzzle wizard.

He was shown what to do; then he did it pretty much on his own.

I'm thinking I should find a few of these types of puzzles for Christmas time! I have no clue where to look!

What Makes Daddy Happy?

When Mommy buys him a chocolate football.

I know he looks angry! I think he was trying to bring on some madness! I'm not sure. I in no way get into football.


Mica's told us that he wants to out run Malachi at school. Apparently Malachi wins tag a lot. Mica said that as soon as breakfast was over, he was going to go practice running up and down the hill in our backyard. We have a big, hilly backyard for living in the city.

He may or may not get faster then Malachi. For sure, he'll burn off some energy and get some exercise. ;)

There is some kind of competition going on with these boys. I do know they like the same girl at school. We've been down playing that whole situation!

Then when Daddy went to go pick up Mica from school yesterday, Cammy (the girl the boys both like) says, "Bye Mica!" Daddy said, "She is uh-Door-uh-BULL!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Early Halloween?

Last night we went to pick out a new microwave. Our microwave that we had for over 12 years died. RIP Mr. Micro Wave! Yesterday I called on my lunch break to see how lunch was going? Daddy said that they were at Famous Daves. He has forgotten that we had no microwave to warm up food that I already had prepared. Once he remembered that we didn't have a microwave, he decided it would be easier to go out to eat. Never mind that we have a stove and oven. :)

*It reminded me of the time our students had to go a week without the internet. They didn't know what to do. I heard, "Go look up reference in books?" I was like, "Ya!"

Off to the store we went to get a microwave last night.

On the way home Mica said, "I can't wait to dress up and go Trick or Treating tonight!" We said, "Tonight is not Halloween! It will be bedtime when we get home!" Mica was persistent that it was in fact Halloween! His teacher told him it was on a Monday. It was a Monday after all. He was getting mad at us because he thought we were not letting him go Trick or Treating. Poor little guy! We finally convinced him that next week is Halloween and that he will in fact be able to go Trick or Treating.

WW Batman {Linky}

Mica's (6 years) versions of Batman. I don't recall him every watching Batman, but he does have a small Happy Meal Batman toy. :)
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Monday, October 24, 2011


This morning I got to work. My co-worker asked how I was doing? I said, "Great I just got done with breakfast!"

She said, "What did you have?" I said, "Well I made..."

She said before I could finish, "You made breakfast? Do you do that every morning?" I said, "Ya."

She said, "WOW your kids are lucky!" I was thinking, "REALLY?! Isn't that what a mom is supposed to do?"

Instead I said, "Breakfast was pretty simple this morning. I made plain oatmeal, added dried cherries, ground flax seed and plain Greek yogurt." She was amazed.

I didn't say anything, but was wondering what kind of food she made her kids? Poptarts? I have no clue, and didn't ask. I'm not sure I want to know.

She's the nicest lady. Just not one that cooks, ever really.

Do you make and eat breakfast every morning? What is your typical breakfast like? Ours is usually toast with natural peanut butter, cottage cheese or yogurt and a fruit that we all split.

Ours is bigger on the weekends, but we usually eat a little later anyhow. This weekend we had whole wheat banana waffles.

Yesterday I Got Annoyed, Big Time

I went around in circles in my mind before writing this. Should I write this post, should I not? I decided I should just because it's on my mind, is my blog and is about my family.

I have a certain person in my family who likes to pick on other people. I like to pick on people as well, but not to hurt their feelings. It's more of a silly, ha ha way. She lets it known to the world who her favorites are and states what she dislikes about people as well.

I don't even care if she reads this. Anything I can say on here, I would say to her face. I wish I would have said to her face. She hardly ever reads my blog, so this may never get to her at all.

Mica is her favorite little boy out of all the little boys. She's even said so. She said one time, "Mica you are my favorite little person." That alone annoys me. One little kid shouldn't be singled out as being better or worse then any other kid.

I have to back peddle and say that each kid is my favorite at times. Never all the time. Mica sometimes is a very good kid one day, and Isaak might be having a bad day, or vice versa. Never do I think, I like one kid over the others in a wide since.

It started like this: We walk into Aunt Terra's house to celebrate cousin Emerson being 4 months old. :)

I was already annoyed because earlier that morning our microwave broke, I was running later then I wanted to be, Mica was being mouthy and Isaak was putting his hands over his ears and screaming in the car. :( Enough to drive anyone mad. Another part of me wanted to laugh at my morning so far. Our 12 year old microwave was due to die. RIP Mr. Micro Wave. Mica was off of school for 4 days. He was bound to be testy. Isaak's into testing noise. Some of that comes with their ages. It was sort of comical. :) At least I could see humor in it.

We walked into Aunt Terra's house. One person (not Aunt Terra) says, "Well hello Isaak. How's my little girl doing?" Only she went on longer then that, much longer then that. I don't care if someone wants to make fun of my kids to me. I can shake it off. It just makes me mad when they do it to the kid who doesn't understand, can't back themselves up and could take things personally. Like usual, when someone attacks me or my own I freeze. I can't even react. It just doesn't come to me until later. Then I'm like: I should have done this, I should have said that and Why didn't I do this?

It all has to do with Isaak's hair. I want to mention that I dress our boys very boy. I can not get Isaak's hair into a ponytail. He doesn't have that long of hair!

Then I listened to the girls complain about how my Father, Grandpa Spiehs dresses. I understand coming up with ideas for Christmas time, but to go on about how they did pissed me off. They said he looks homeless and sloppy. He wears sweatshirts with stains and holes in them. Ok, so he needs new sweatshirts. Why go on and on? I kept quiet, not to make matters worse.

Looking back I should have stood up for two people: Isaak and my Father! So my Father might be on the odd side. He's an artist/gardener that's always getting dirty. I do really admire him for not giving a rats ass about how he looks. He is who he is. I love him for that! Some of what they were making fun of, I really love about him.

When we go to leave I handed everyone a picture of Isaak:

This person chimes in with, "Oh there's a picture of my little niece." I even told her to stop. She kept going on about his hair, him looking like a girl and bending his picture back and forth in her hand. She was laughing. She may have thought she was being funny. I wasn't laughing. I'm not laughing. I'm actually insulted. She got my niece involved in making fun of my Dad and Son. "Oh look at the way Grandpa is sitting over there! He even sits weird." I just wanted to leave. I was beyond annoyed.

The more I think about it, the more I hate when this person acts like this. She can be one of the coolest people I know. She's not one of those people I can stay mad at. She verbally has bashed my brother-in-law in the past. I've backed him up. I have an easier time backing up people that are not really super close to me. Why is that?

There I've said my piece. I just posted a video and wrote about respecting people no matter what they look like last week. Some people love to respect other people they don't know; then bash the people that are close to them. I don't like that. This person is known to tell their kids to love people with disabilities and people that are different. Then with their own family members, well they make fun of them!

Mica's hair is short. He has thick hair and head sweats. Long hair doesn't work on him. Isaak's hair is longer. I like his fine hair, and it lays nice. He has more the skater dude look. I may cut it in the back, but eventually I want his hair to look like the model below. We're just waiting for it to thicken up to do that.

J Crew model below.

If You Had a Robot, What Would You Want it to Do?

Mica likes robots. He likes both Transformers and Robots the movie. His favorite part is when Tom Waits sings the song Underground. His gravel voice just intrigues Mica.

I love the concept that robots help people. Think of all the medical advancements that have been made with robots help! Many surgeries have robots as assistants and are fast now. In some cases, people can go home the same day as their surgery. Artificial limbs work much better then they used to. All due to technology and research.

I don't think robots will ever over power humans. Check out this video by Honda and tell me what you think? If you had a robot, what would you want it to do?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Mica's teacher told us that Mica has a clear understanding of what is fiction and what is non-fiction. She read them a handful of books, gave them pictures of the books and they had to place the books in the correct categories. Mica matched them all right.

Why then does he think that Spider-man, Superman and Indiana Jones are real? We've even told him that they are fake. They are just characters that save the day. "Harrison Ford is an actor Mica. He is not really Indiana Jones!" -Daddy. I think it comes down to this: Kids believe what they want to believe. Mica has wanted to be Indiana Jones when he grows up for five months now. He learned most about Indiana Jones from a comic book. The movies are pretty violent. What Daddy and I once watched as kids are no longer appropriate for young kids today.

Superhero's are real to Mica. Even when we tell Mica they are fake, he still thinks they are real.

That is probably why the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny stay so real in a child's mind. Some kids are told in the classroom, "Santa is not real! Your Mom and Dad are Santa." Then the kid responds with, "He is to real!" Hollywood puts out movies to reinforce the reality to something that is not real. After Polar Express, I found myself wanting to believe.

Is Santa is fiction or nonfiction? Not the parent's/media kind. He was a real person, so that is what I'm talking about. You can read about St. Nickolas here if you are interested.

EZ Sox Review

Isaak has forgotten how to put socks on since he barely wore socks during the summer time. I've found myself reteaching him how to put them one.

Ez Sox really helps out! They have handles on them. This makes grabbing their socks so easy!

They sent Isaak a pair of their bear socks to try out. 

Isaak hasn't totally mastered putting his socks on. He is super close to getting it!

EZ Sox also has socks for adults. I can see this really helping out Grandma Spiehs, who is a post polio survivor. There are also people out there that suffer from arthritis. I would have loved a pair after my c-sections, or when I broke my foot.

Ez Sox encourages imaginative play with their animal socks. Isaak saw that his socks had bears on them and wanted to pretend to be a bear.

Ez Sox has a lot of other animal socks to choose from. If you are not an animal lover, they have solid socks as well.

Right now if you buy a pair of their socks, they will donate socks to Clothes 4 Souls. Every purchase online will help a child out.

From now until November 30 Ez Sox is giving my readers a discount. That means you will get 50% off your order by liking them on Twitter and Facebook.

These socks could make excellent stocking stuffers for Christmas time!!!

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I have a guest post here that I wrote about Boosting Your Creativity. Please read it and comment if you have the time.

I'm going to post a few of Mica's drawing for my Wordless Wednesday this week. That boy is only 6 and can draw!

Isaak's into sounds this weekend. He still tries to 2 finger whistle. He's also been putting his hands over his ears and yelling. Mica and I asked him to, "Stop!" Isaak said, "It's not loud to me!" Then does it again. I felt like screaming myself by the time the day was over. Then when I typed this I felt like laughing. What he was doing is totally something I would have done when I was younger.

Isaak's just realized that strumming your finger along an air vent makes what he calls, "Muesic" meaning "Music." I remember doing that when I was younger. Aunt Angela and I used to quickly change in front of a vent that was putting out warm heat in the winter time. It was a race because we hated changing when it was cold outside.
I also liked to play with door stoppers. In particular the kind that has a tight spring (see below). We had one of those kinds in the bathroom. It made this funny sound when you tapped it. I'm sure if we had one of those Isaak would have found it amusing as well.

Southern Front Doors


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