Sunday, December 10, 2017

Chefast Donut Pan Set Review

We love doughnuts! Do you spell out donut, or doughnut? I always spelled it the longer way doughnut, but I see donut more and more. They both seem acceptable according to google.

Recently I got Chefast Donut Pan Set to Review. It's $16.90 on Amazon. If you don't like bigger donuts, you can get their small donut pan for $12.90. 

The Set Comes With:

  • A silicone mold - enough to make nine donuts. 
  • A silicone spatula 
  • Pastry bags - 5 total
I opened up everything, and washed it in warm soapy water. It's said that they can go in the dishwasher, but the pan and spatula last longer if they get hand washed. I notice it takes awhile for silicone pans to dry - up to 2 hours. What I do is take them outside to fling the water off of them. That works great! 

Lemon Donuts:

I wanted to try something different, so I made Lemon Doughnuts. They were so good!

Tip: Put your donut pan on a metal pan or baking stone when you bake them. You won't have to clean the extra pan or stone. It will just make the silicone pan easier to grab from the stove.

I didn't pipe them in, but the pan does come with piping bags. The recipe does make 12 donuts. There is 9 spots in the pan. I dug out another donut pan to finish the job. I have to say that I like this pan better though. The fact that it's silicone, the donuts just pop out easier.

Instead I used the spatula that comes in the kit. It did a great job of getting the rest of the batter out of the mixing bowl.

Because I used coconut sugar they are not a lemony yellow. They sure did taste lemony good though!

We skipped the glaze. We just didn't need more sugar. They boys didn't mind. They gobbled them up, and asked for another. I imagine you could drizzle some melted dark chocolate on there if you'd rather.

The boys each asked for another one.

What's your favorite kind of donut?

Chefast sells a lot of other products online. Certainly check out their Amazon page here.
  • Cake Tip Decorating Set
  • Tea Infuser Set
  • Herb Scissors 
  • Non Stick Rolling Pin and Pastry Mat
  • Hydrometer and Test Jar for Wine and Beer
  • Food Cover Tents
  • Ice Cream Scoop Set
  • Stainless Steel Drinking Straws
  • Splatter Screen
  • Wood Cutlery Set
  • Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Kit

I know I want the ice cream scoop. We always use a spoon to dish up ice cream. Lame! Ha! What would be the item you'd pick from their list of items that they sell?

Disclaimer: We got this product in exchange for our opinion on them. The company in no way told me what to write, or influenced me in any way.

Beanie Black Knit Ski Hat #alaskastyle Review

We got two hats to review from CacheAlaska. This is our 2nd favorite. See the previous post to see our favorite.

This hat is warm, but it hugs the head. We have small heads in our house. I can't imagine how this would work on my sister's family. They all have big heads!

  • Charcoal Grey
  • Army Green
  • Brown
  • Navy Blue
  • Black
Black is a great color because it goes with nearly everything! They sell quite a few colors in this style. It's nice to have all the options!

I got him to laugh, then we couldn't stop laughing!


$14.99 for the regular to $22.99 for the large on Amazon Prime:

I'd like to have the large to see how it feels next to the regular. Like I said, we have small heads. The regular was tight for sure. Most people should spend the extra cash to get the large.


50% Acrylic
50% Wool

The hat seems soft. My husband likes the material. It has a fleece band around it to hold the warmth in.

  • Wear it in the cold: Hiking, Fishing, Running, Walking, Hunting and more
  • Women or men
I have to say that I'm not a hat person myself, but I love them on other people. Do you wear hats?

Disclaimer: We got this product in exchange for our opinion on them. The company in no way told me what to write, or influenced me in any way.

#CacheAlaska #Beanie #AlaskaStyle Review

We got two hats to review from CacheAlaska. This by far is our favorite one. We just like the way it fits. It really fits over the head and neck.

  • Grey
  • Black
Call me crazy, but I like how the grey hat goes with his grey beard. Ha! Possibly to sell more they could sell a variety of colors. I'd love to see: Brown, Red, Tan, Olive Green, and Navy. I think most people have enough clothes that go with those colors.


$11.99 on Amazon Prime:

I felt like the cost was reasonable for sure! I was thinking we needed a lot of hats around here with Mica taking the bus, but it's been so warm in Nebraska. It has only flurried once! Usually we've had a few couple big snows.



The hat seems soft. My husband likes the material.

  • Cuffed and Uncuffed
  • Any Season, Anywhere
  • Women or men
He only wore it uncuffed, and liked it that way. He felt like it kept him warm due to the fact that it covered his whole head, and the back of his neck. He liked that it was comfortable too!

We really like this hat! I have to say that I'm not a hat person myself, but I love them on other people. Do you wear hats?

Disclaimer: We got this product in exchange for our opinion on them. The company in no way told me what to write, or influenced me in any way.

Organic Women’s Total Multi-vitamins Review

I take a daily vitamin. I'm never sure if they are effective, but they certainly have great things in them. Once I took myself off vitamins, and felt blah for a week!

Usually I get vitamins that most of us can take. Isaak however is still on a kid's vitamin until he turns 11 or 12. I think that's when we switched Mica over to adult ones. I got Organic Women’s Total Multi-vitamins to review: by Summit Nutritions.

What These Vitamins Have in Them:

Live Probiotics

13 Different Superfoods

What the Vitamins Help With:

They help strengthen the heart, which is great because my Dad doesn't have a great heart. Genetically I could use all the help I could get in that departments.

They help make your hair less brittle. I do have thin hair, but it looks pretty healthy.

They help with skin. I don't know about you, but I get dry skin in the winter. The air is just so dry.

They build up the nails. I do have crappy nails from my allergies. It's one thing my allergist pointed out. Thanks doc.

They are GMO free, kosher, dairy free, and are vegan.


The bottle was in a box. There was a plastic piece over the lid holding it on, and the lid was covered with foil/paper. I opened it up, and most of the bottle was filled with cotton.

I just get tired of so much waisted packaging for pill bottles. This is my biggest no no in my book. Does it bother you how much waisted packaging there is for things?


$29.99, but marked all the way down to $9.99! They certainly are worth the buy.

Do you take a daily vitamin?

Disclaimer: We got this product in exchange for our opinion on them. The company in no way told me what to write, or influenced me in any way.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Random Tid Bits

I's been a few weeks, since I've written one of these posts.
  1. I've been working my ass butt off to create an art website. It's finally for the most part done! It's up, but it may possibly be glitchy for a day because we (Travis helped) just added the domain to it. Please check it out, and tell me if you see anything that looks odd.

  2. Most independent colleges are struggling now a days. Most universities and community colleges are fine. I've been worried about employment, so I'm A) Working on an art website. B) Baking Christmas cookies. C) Wrapping packages. D) Writing an artist proposal/grant. E) Working on the student's final grades. Finals are next week. F) Absorbed in this case: Finding Sydney Loofe

  3. There's always some case I get hung up on. I don't know why I care so much about someone, or a situation I'm not a part of. The Sydney Loofe case is about a girl that went on a Tinder date. She ended up disappearing after their 2nd date. 2 people put up online videos posting their side to the story, but they hadn't even talked to the cops yet. They just found who they think is Sydney's body. I've been telling my students about dating safety. When you're young, you think you can do just about anything.  

  4. That cyst on my forehead that I was trying to treat with apple cider vinegar never did go away. I called a dermatologist, got in, only to find out that he won't remove it. It's too close to nerves. If the nerves are hit I can be paralyzed on part of my face. A surgeon was called. I can't get in until February. I've already hit my deductible this year. I'm scared and annoyed. 

  5. I have one more treatment I'm going to try for my forehead. My ENT doctor said to try hot packs for 3 or 4 days. I've been in school, so I haven't really been able to try that. Then a coworker was telling me about bread poultice. Have you ever heard about poultice? My coworker said his grandma used this technique a lot. You just wet bread with milk, add salt, and attach it to wherever you have something you want something to come out of your body. I figure it won't hurt. I'm willing to try these 2 things, while the students are on break. 

Travel Professional Artist Paint Brush Set Review

I love reviewing art supplies. I know they will get used! I'm happy to share with you a paint brush set made by Paratek.

You can get them on Amazon Prime for $12.99:

This Set Comes With:
  • 12 brushes
  • 1 palette 
  • A fancy case

I'll use everything, but the fan brush. I'm just not a fan of fan brushes. Maybe I should try them again. I don't usually find them that helpful with blending.

I love how the case contains everything. Each bush is separated. The really thin brushes have plastic protectors, and those did keep coming off. They could be made a bit tighter, to stay on better. You can see one fell off in the picture below.

The case zips up, and is easy to take paintings on location. I took the set to work.

Usually I use just an old box for a palette. It's nice to have an actual palette to use. 

These Brushes Can Be Used for a lot of Things:
  • Acrylics
  • Oils
  • Watercolor
  • Gouache
  • Tempra
  • Enamel 
  • Facepaint
  • Fingernail Polish
 I'll be mainly using them for acrylics. I love oil paint, but my asthma doesn't love them. Watercolors are fun, but I find them to be not as permanent as other kinds of paint.

What kind of paints have you used?

Disclaimer: I got this paint brush set in exchange for our opinion on them. The company in no way told me what to write, or influenced me in any way.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Prebiotic Gummies Review By BeLive

Prebiotic Sugar-Free Dietary Fiber Gummies Supplement for Digestive Health are a wonderful supplement for anyone that has digestive issues. You can get these gummies here: for $9.99.

They came sealed really well. A plastic was on the lid. A covering was over the top. I was a little sad that the bottle wasn't filled up as much as the picture shows on Amazon.

They are bigger than most pills, but they are gummies meant to be chewed.

At our house we go through times where we do have tummy problems, but it's been awhile. Isaak's been in the hospital because he had issues going number 2. I thought it was possible that he had to get his appendix out. Nope he was just full! 

At times one of the boys, or I will get a tummy bug that's hard to get rid of. We try the BRAT diet, but even that seems to take awhile to work. These prebiotics will help!


  • They are made in the USA! I love this. So much is made outside the US. 
  • They are sugar free. I don't need the extra sugar that comes in everything. 
  • They are made for kids and adults. This is great because Isaak needs a fiber boost at times.

They Contain:

  • Chicory Root 
  • Inulin 

These things are highly effective fibers to improve digestive function, control blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, and helps in achieving a healthy weight.

They Don't Contain:

  • Gelatin 
  • Other meat substances 
  • Gluten
  • Wheat
  • Peanuts
  • Soy
  • Eggs
  • Fish and Shellfish
  • GMO substances

No need to refrigerate!

Do you take probiotics, or prebiotics?

Disclaimer: We got this product in exchange for our opinion on them. The company in no way told me what to write, or influenced me in any way.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

WW: Cat Drawing {Linky}

Isaak age 9 did this drawing of an abstract cat. I thought it was pretty good for his age.

Do you like to draw?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Fall Sugar Cookie Recipe

Colorful fall leaves didn't happen in Nebraska very much this year. Were leaves all colorful where you live? It's like the leaves went to brown, fell off, and dried up. I do love the crunchy sound under my feet when I step on them.

As much as I would have loved to collect leaves for their colors, I didn't. Someday I'd love to go to a place that has an array of colors. I'll iron them, and put them flat in a book.

This cookie craft will show up on ParentSavvy's Website. Different pictures and writing of course. They don't have it up yet. They are probably running behind just like I was in writing it. It's been so warm here, that it seemed like we skipped over fall altogether.

Before Thanksgiving happened I made some Fall Sugar Cookies:

I only ate 3. The rest went to coworkers. Travis and I joke that the only reason he was hired at his current work place is because they missed my cookies. He worked at a place for years. His boss ran the company into the ground. Then he was hired on by a company in the same building. His boss asked almost as soon as he was hired, "Can you ask your wife to bring in some cookies?" Ha!

Making them is really pretty easy! Whisk the softened butter, milk, sugar and eggs. I often use almond milk, and sometimes use Costco's Gluten Free All Purpose Flour. I only do that because I have a coworker that's prone to having Celiac Disease. Other times I make it how I want, and she just won't eat any.

Then start to add the rest of the ingredients.

Often times I just start making them. If I'm in a cookie mode, I don't want to stop. Other times I chill them.

I sprinkle flour all over a clean surface to begin rolling the dough out. Try and cut the cookies as close to one another as possible. I roll the dough to be as thin as I can. The more you work with the dough the harder it gets to roll. I have added a tiny bit of water just to make the dough rollable again if it gets difficult.

Sur La Table had the fall leaf and acorn cutters I'm using. I know they are pricy, but these cutters weren't so bad.

Lightly spray the pans with a cooking spray. The two I like to use for cookie are the butter spray and the flour spray. Any will do. The flour spray can be a pain on the nozzle of the spray. If you do use that one, plan to use it for lots of baking things. Then it won't have time to clog up.

I fill 2 pans full of cookies before I turn the oven on to 350 degrees. Then that way while those 2 pans are baking, I roll and cut more. I alternate pans. 4 min in the bottom for one, 4 min in the top for the other, and switch them.

Any broken ones that happen the boys get to eat. I caught Mica accidentally dropping one to eat it.


Let them cool all the way before frosting them. I mix up colors, and add coco powder to make them neutral.

I found Wilton Sprinkles - Turtle Crunch that's perfect for the tops of acorns.

I put some sprinkles in a small snack bowl for Isaak. I frosted them with a rubber baby spoon, and he dipped the tops of the acorns in the sprinkles.

I think the plates turned out nice! I have 3 plates: 1 for each of our works, and 1 for my 1st year students. While I'd love to make the red more vibrant, I hate adding a whole lot of red food coloring. It's the worst color health wise for you.

Did you make any fall recipes?

Portable North Pole - Personalized Santa Videos, Toys and More! Review

If you remember I introduced you to The Portable North Pole awhile back. It really doesn't need too much of an introduction now a days. :) I think most parents have heard of it. The boys go crazy for it at our house. Mica asked about a month ago, "Mom when you get the videos from the Portable North Pole, let me know." It's been a couple years, since he's stopped believing in Santa. He apparently LOVES this tradition.

Make Christmas Magic with Portable North Pole Portable North Pole 2017 (PNP) 

PNP makes Christmas even more magical by sending personalized video messages and calls from Santa from the enchanted North Pole to children young and old. Watch them be amazed as they see Santa in his home, the magical reindeer, and the hustle and bustle of the elves as they prepare for Christmas Eve. As the top free mobile Santa app with more than 160 million videos viewed, PNP is a cherished, modern holiday tradition for families worldwide. In just moments, create an adorable video from Santa that you and your child will remember forever. Simply visit the PNP website or download the mobile app on iOS or Android.

I Made Different Videos for Both Boys.

Possibly this is mean of me, but I always have Santa say that they are on the fence for being nice. Then they have to work towards being good.

There's a few things difficult about this year: Isaak wants a drone. I don't think it's the right toy for him, so he's not getting one. Most of them are for ages 14 and up, and all the mom's I've talked to say their kids that have one barely play with it. Then I'm worried about my job. They are swiping sick time from me, and retirement gets a big kick too. I'm worried to say the least. All of Christmas is paid for, so I'm applying for some jobs. Independent schools have been hit hard in the media. Every year enrollment is lower and lower. Please be thinking of me. I haven't applied for jobs for years. It's totally different the way the process of applying for jobs is, then when I applied for them years ago.

The videos are fun. I'll keep on going with the traditions we have. 

I started with Mica's video. Mica has to work on listening harder to his parents.

Then I followed up with Isaak's video. The only thing that's hard is that they have a drone flying throughout the videos. A drone is the one thing Isaak wants, and is not getting. Otherwise the videos are really fun! I always love the big book they have to find. They integrate their friend's names in the videos as well. Isaak has to work on not interrupting people when they are talking.


PNP make


PNP offers a free video for every child with a new option to purchase a single premium video ($4.99) Premium package, including the Video Pass ($9.99) or Magic Pass ($13.99). Both packages provide six enchanting video storylines to choose from, with each offering five or more minutes of footage to watch, from exploring Santa's workshop to the amazing gift-wrapping machine, as well as the Reaction Recorder (available on mobile app only). In addition, you can create an unlimited number of videos, and receive a special "Santa's Coming" video to watch on Christmas Eve. Plus, the Magic Pass includes HD video downloads and five weekly bedtime videos read by Santa leading up to the big day.

I love how they have different videos to choose from. Then if you have more than one kid, the videos are different.


Save 20% Make Christmas magic With Portable North Pole! - Use Promo Code: PNP7Family Magic Pass Discount:

Video Pass Discount: Video Pass: EN -->

Disclaimer: We get a FREE Magic Pass From Portable North Pole - Create Personalized Video Messages from Santa! They did not tell me what to write, or influence me in any way.


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