Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sick Again!

  • Mica got sick once again yesterday. He pooped his pants twice! I left work to go get him. I don't know what to do because he keeps having stomach issues. After I got him he was running around as happy as can be. I was thinking, "Come on kid, you're supposed to be sick. I left work for you, and now you won't take a nap and are as happy as can be." I do believe my sister when she said he didn't feel good. He's done this for me too. One day he threw up, and bam he was happy and running around afterwards. We've been in contact with his doctor. We even took a stool sample into the hospital, and it came back normal. If kids only knew what we do for them! His doctor's office just claims that a lot of stomach problems have been going around. I'm just surprised that he's had stomach issues for this long (since the end of September). I was thinking he might be allergic to something he's eating. I'm keeping him off cows milk for a couple weeks, we'll see what happens.

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Kim and Neil said...

Hopefully it's not a lactose issue.... it's no fun being a kid when you can't eat ice cream!


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