Monday, January 19, 2009

Crew Nuts

  • Most of what Mica says I can understand. A lot of people who don't know him think that he's 4 because he talks well and is tall. He's only 3. Socially he's not 4 years old. There is one word that I've heard him say that is rather amusing; that is "Crew Nuts", which is "Croutons". I know he can say, "Croutons", but when he asks for them (which we rarely have them), he says "Crew Nuts". Travis had to ask me, "What does he want?" I just laughed and pointed to the box.
  • Lately I've been trying to expand Mica's vocabulary. When we were at Aunt Angela's house, I told Mica to say, "Thank you for your hospitality". He said it perfectly. But now when I ask him to say it, he says, "No Mommy, I'm too tired to say that". Sometimes he says, "No Mommy, I'm too big to say those words", which makes no sense. That's where he's socially not 4 years old yet.
  • Travis was reading Mica a book on all kinds of dinosaurs, and some of them he didn't know how to say their names. Mica said, "Daddy we'll just have to ask Ethan". His cousin Ethan knows how to say just about every dinosaur name out there. Mica picks up on the little things now.
  • This means we really have to watch what we are saying! He called his cousin Evan an "Idiot" a few weeks ago. I was thinking, "Oh God do I call Travis that, or maybe my mom calls my dad that?" Go to find out it's in the movie Kung Fu Panda. At this age they absorb everything.

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