Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mommy's Boy

  • There are certain times when kids like their mommies better then their daddies and visa versa. Mica likes to wrestle and play outside with Travis more then with me. When playing with his Nerf guns and cars, he goes to Daddy. Pillow fights are more of a guy thing. He likes to cuddle with me because Travis hates being fidgeted with. I'm the one who reads to him the most. I'm more patient with him in the kitchen.
  • Isaak like's women more then men right now. Maybe it's because they have built in pillows, I'm not sure. He sleeps laying on Grandma Spiehs in a heart beat. I have his milk supply; he knows that when I walk in the room it's feeding time. He has an angry cry if I don't pick him up right away after being gone all day. He loves his Daddy too, but prefers me right now. It's this new found realization that girl's equal milk and comfort. Mica used to be the same way at Isaak's age.

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