Tuesday, March 31, 2009


  • We had parent teacher conferences last night. Things went well.
  • He's above average on knowing his numbers, letters (and sounds of letters), shapes and colors.
  • He needs to work on being in groups. I'm thinking maybe we'll try a reading group at Borders again. They told us that in the middle of a group activity, Mica got up and started singing "I like to move it move it" from Madagascar. Silly boy.
  • He has to work on cutting. They said that it's like he can't cut. His muscles in his hand aren't developed enough. So I brought up having him play with a sponge or sponge ball in a bucket, and ringing it out. This sounds silly, but I think it might help to develop those muscles.
  • They told us that he's a perfectionist. He doesn't like art because when he creates something he gets frustrated if it doesn't look perfect.
  • He's above average with puzzles. They were shocked that he could figure out a puzzle of the United States with small pieces.
  • They told us that him and Evan (his cousin close in age) do not hang out together at preschool. They act more like brothers, so I'm sure they get sick of one another.

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