Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

  • Easter morning was fun. Mica loved the scavenger hunt that the Easter Bunny made up. At each station, there was one clue inside a golden egg to move onto the next golden egg. At the end, there were the prizes. It was fun seeing him run around really excited.
  • The Easter Bunny left Isaak Puffs in Elmo eggs on the floor. He managed to get 2 of them open; he was having a feast of Puffs.
  • At Aunt Sam's the kids had another Easter Egg Hunt. That one was outside. We'll have a stash of candy for awhile. Mommy and Daddy will have to share.
  • Isaak was a pain in the BUTT at my aunts house. He only wanted me (his Mom). Even when Daddy came over from work, Isaak wanted nothing to do with him. Grandpa Spiehs had no success either. If anyone even looked at him, he was in tears, and reaching for me. I was so tired. We came home, and Isaak had a big poop blow out. He stuck his hands in the poop, then got them on his socks; it was a mess. Happy Easter.

1 comment:

Kim and Neil said...

Niko has been having poop blowouts recently too. Yea. Niko laid some chocolate eggs for me at brunch....


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