Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Eczema

  • Isaak seems to be growing out of his baby eczema. I haven't had to give him probiotics in a long while. Those are the only thing that seemed to help his poor little head. That, and greasing him down with lotion. He looked a little funny with lotion in his hair though.
  • I started treating Isaak's symptoms with a topical steroid. I'm so glad I stopped using that when I found that it only worked for a limited time.
  • I still am torn between my boys getting eczema from all the antibiotics pumped down them, it being genetic, or possibly something I was eating since I was breast feeding? I'm not sure.
  • On one of my mommy blogs, they had a site that was all about eczema for adults and children. I encourage any one with eczema to read:
  • I learned that topical steroid's can cause diabetes if used too much. I also learned that breast milk can contain less Zinc then the baby needs. All the mom needs to do is just add Zinc into their diet. There are diet changes on this site, and products to help with the condition that are indeed safe to use.
  • One of my favorite blogs is having a Softress giveaway. Just click on Softress and it will take you to the giveaway.

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robyn fabsits said...

Violet gets it on the back of her knees when it starts getting warm out. The Dr. told me to slather on Aquafore (like vaseline) at night. In a couple of days it usually goes away.


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