Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy Weekend

  • We went to the Henry Doorly Zoo on Saturday.
  • We went to The Hot Shops Open House on Sunday.
  • It was nice having company in town to see us. We had a full house. Kim and Neil slept downstairs with Niko in the Pack n Play. Mark and Shelly slept upstairs in the living room on an air mattress. Our table isn't that big to seat that many people; so we all scattered after getting our food.
  • Isaak played well with Niko, our friend's from college son. He's 8 months. Isaak did have a couple incident's where he pulled Niko's hair.
  • Mica likes to put together puzzles in the living room; both babies wanted to eat the pieces.
  • We wore the boys out! Mica and Isaak fell asleep in the car rides home both days. Niko fell asleep in the stroller at both places.
  • Sunday morning we let both babies get in good naps. It's not like the days where we could go where we wanted at any time. Babies change your life.

1 comment:

Kim and Neil said...

We had a BLAST!!! Thanks again for hosting! :)


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