Tuesday, May 26, 2009


  • Isaak received money gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Kent and Aunt Angela's family.
  • Terra's family gave him a couple touch and feel books, which are the only books I can get the boy to read (very unlike Mica who sat to have us read to him for an hour at a time at Isaak's age). They also gave him a Glow Worm.
  • Aunt Becky gave him a Little People Airplane. We have much of Discovery City - Little People. A tub about as big as Isaak's crib around sits under Isaak's crib that is filled with Little People stuff.
  • My parents gave him a Little People Circus train that is a ride push toy. Mica and Evan love the Thomas push toy. They still play with it. I thought we could use another similar type of toy. They also brought in a big balloon for him, which is always a hit.
  • We got a CAT truck and a snack box with Grandma and Grandpa Apel's money.
  • Then we got a Sesame Street remote, a tiny push pop train, and an outfit with Aunt Laura's gift certificate.
  • Mica of course keeps trying to steel Isaak's toys. Isaak really doesn't know the difference. Someday he will though.
  • Thank you everyone!

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