Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Food and Mommy Milk

  • I wanted to show these to any new mom looking at this blog. They are just ice cube trays. What I loved about them is that they kept milk and homemade baby food fresh. I bought two different colors, so when I put things in them I'd know which one was the most fresh. The colors are: Raspberry, orange, blue and white.
  • They have silicon bottoms, so I'd just run the bottom of the trays under hot water. It's so cool that they have lids too. I just popped the milk, or food cubes out into the lid.
  • After that the food or milk went into sandwich bags, dated with a Sharpie, and stored in the deep freezer.
  • When Isaak needed milk, the cubes fit nicely in the drop in bottle liners. They have Target band liners that are the least expensive. We heated up a glass two cup measurer of water and plopped the bottle in. It took a lot less time to thaw then the milk storage bags. With Travis having two babies and two preschoolers, he had no time to waste. Plus there was no leaking! Often times the milk storage bags busted at the seems.
  • With food, we just put the cubes in a small bowl, mircowaved until the cube started to loose shape (it still was cold), mash it with a spoon, and there was his food.
  • I often did one cube of homemade pinto beans and baby food carrots or sweet potato. Isaak and Mica liked beans more then meat. Or I'd do a couple cubes of pear or apple, and add baby food cereal. It worked so nice.

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