Monday, June 22, 2009

Birthday Party

  • So...we had my birthday party and Father's day celebration last night. A few memorable things happened.
  • I gave the preschoolers my 3 and 3 (33) candle's to lick the frosting off the bottoms. Next thing I know; both of them have bites right out of the wax. Evan my nephew had a disgusted look on his face. I was laughing so hard, that I didn't even think about getting a napkin for him to spit it into. Mica just carried on like wax was a normal thing to eat.
  • Travis went to pour water, and literally spilled it all over the table. He kept pouring even though it was spilling. I'm thinking ????????????????
  • I thought my mom was going to have a heart attack because food was being passed every which direction. Totally not how she trained us. We were acting like savages that couldn't wait to devour food!
  • My niece Kailey (who is in middle school) kept talking about how tan she is, she kept showing off her flat board tummy, and her thighs that won't giggle. I was telling my mom how funny she is. She's all about her body. It's just the age I think. She's great, I love her! Then she sat down, and told my mom right after our conversation how tan she is compared to my mom. I nudged my mom, and we both were laughing so hard. Kailey and my sister looked at us like they were thinking, What? We came clean, and we all had a good laugh. My mom said, "Look at my arm flab, look at how much it jiggles"! Too funny.
  • On with the presents. I got a lot of baking stuff! More cookie art to come. I think I'll start making more cakes too. I got a giant cupcake cake pan. Travis and I will take my goodies to work, so we aren't eating the stuff. The bad for you stuff is so fun to make!
  • I also got a hair straightener. The more kids I have the frizzier my hair gets! I won't use it everyday, just sometimes. You all know what a straightener looks like.
  • I got 2 pop up books that are totally amazing!! One is Alice and Wonderland and the other is still to come, The Wizard of Oz. Definitely not for the kids! If you have never seen these, you so need to. They are amazing. Unlike any pop up book I've ever seen. I had Chronicles of Narnia already. I found that at Tuesday Morning for $10, half the price!

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