Monday, August 31, 2009

Doctor Coming Up

  • Mica and Isaak have their doctor appointment on Thurs. this week. That reminds me I need to tell my parent's I'll be picking them up early. My mind still thinks that Travis has them on Thurs and Fri. The joys of teaching, and schedules changing.
  • I've been writing down a list of questions this time. I just knew I'd forget something.
  • I'm going to talk to the doctor about Isaak's bow legged hang ups, Mica's poor muscle skills in his hand's, the couple of flu shots they are supposed to get and more on tummy issues.
  • Mica hasn't had any tummy issues for awhile, but when he gets them it's constant. I'd like to know what the doc thinks. I have the same problems. I think it's linked to stress. Looking back to last fall, Mica had a fairly new brother that had gotten out of the hospital with meningitis, so Mommy wasn't around for a week for the birth and a week when Isaak was sick. Then he started preschool. Stressful, probably.
  • I also started a tally of all the words Isaak can say. He's up to 15, but like any kid his age he doesn't say them when you want him to. It's like a couple words over and over again this day, then the next day he focuses on a different word. His vocabulary is growing though. I love how he's really starting to mimic too. He was actually trying to baby sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider, so cute! I don't know if he'd do it again. It's all in the age.
  • Through Mica's tongue stuff and actually seeing a speech therapist; I've learned that as long as you know they can say a word and it sounds similar it's considered a word that they know. Even animal sounds are considered words. Mica spoke way over his level (better then Isaak); he really didn't need a speech therapist at all. Doctor's thought of Mica's tongue stuff as a mystery, so they treated him for awhile. It's better to be safe then sorry.
  • "Mica" and "Isaak" will probably be some of the last words Isaak says. The "Ca" sound is one of the last sounds they pick up. Mica said, "Dock" for clock for a long time.

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