Monday, August 17, 2009

Controversial Doll

  • This doll is so controversial that they won't sell it in the United States.
  • The only thing that disturbs me is possibly the pull on halter top. Not the nursing doll.
  • A little girl who has a breastfeeding mother would love this doll though.
  • Too me it isn't any worse then buying a doll that pees, poops, or takes a bottle.
  • Figures that the land of the free makes a big deal about a doll that nurses. At least breast milk is BPA free! LOL Funny how hospital's call it "Liquid Gold" and it's still frowned upon in society.
  • Some people say this doll is too sexual. Not any more sexual in my mind then Bratz Dolls. At least with this doll, everything the doll does is implicating a natural activity.
  • Kids love to imitate their parents. Including my son Mica who pretended to shave his legs in the shower. My sister Terra used to pretend to nurse her dolls and stuffed animals. Mica hasn't pretended to breastfeed any of his stuffed animals. I think Daddy would correct him really fast on that one.
  • I found the original post about the controversial doll on a dad's blog:

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