Sunday, August 23, 2009

Writing Like a Girl

  • I hate to say this, but Mica writes like a sissy girl throws a ball (that sissy ball throwing is me that I'm talking about). I was working with him today on writing. Each time I work with him it's like it's the first time he's ever written. Then he holds onto the writing utensil very weak. It's almost as if he has no muscle in his hand at all.
  • I kept telling him to, "Hold it like a man." Then I'd grunt afterwords. Mica thought it was funny, so I emphasized the grunt. He'd hold it well for about two seconds, then went back to the weak hold.
  • He draws and writes really light. So I gave him a washable marker this time. Then he was so concerned that he got marker on his hand.
  • He gets really impatient fast, and wants to stop to go play. He gets sloppier as he goes too.
  • Then there is Isaak over at the other end of the table drawing really freely and filling up the page.
  • What do I do? Mica's preschool teachers are going to think we didn't work with him at all during the summer. We tried.
  • Any advice I'll take it. I think this is one of the most frustrating learning curves we've gone through as parent's this far.

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