Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Was Me!

  • Yesterday at work an accident happened. I brought in a squishy ball the boys had in the car. You know those stress relievers filled with liquid. This one happened to be a skull full of fake blood, plastic maggots, roaches and a rat. Gross I know, but the boys liked it. I took it into work because I was afraid it would pop in the car.
  • At work I was playing with it, and it popped all over my shirt and a white wall! Fake blood was everywhere. I quickly washed the wall, and me. The wall still had light pink marks on it. I just couldn't get it to all go away. No Magic Eraser to be found.
  • I went into my office and just carried on with the rest of my day. One co-worker asked another what was with the wall? Then he asked another. I just sat in my office and chuckled.
  • I got up to make copies. I held papers over the fake blood that covered my shirt. Then I just started laughing. I couldn't hold back any longer. I came clean. No one really asked me what had happened, so it's not like I was lying.
  • They all had a laugh, and told each other, "Hey guess what Alissa did..."
  • I had to remind one co-worker that what I did was nothing compared to when he burnt the break room counter with his coffee pot. Then we shared a bunch of memories.
  • For the record, the fake blood came out of my shirt.

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