Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

  • We went to Parent Teacher Conferences last night for Mica at preschool.
  • It's always interesting to hear what they have to say.
  • Mica does participate in groups way more then he did last year. He still is the worst in participating compared to the other kids. He is still the youngest in the class.
  • Mica also branches out a whole lot more this year compared to last year. Last year he only wanted to put puzzles together.
  • He likes playing at the home station, art station (painting not coloring), reading station and the puzzle station. I guess he loves the space shuttle too. The teachers said that Mica shows them where puzzle pieces go, instead of the other way around. He's good with knowing his numbers, letters (upper and lower) and likes to hop.
  • The teacher's like Mica's soft side. He grabs the wand and turns his teacher's into a prince's just about every time he comes in. He gives hugs a lot, and likes to sit in his teacher's laps to read books. They mentioned that Alison is still Mica's girlfriend.
  • He has trouble skipping. He gets numbers 6 and 9 mixed up. Alternating foot to foot on steps is hard (they said a lot of kids had problems with this). Getting dressed with the play clothes by himself is difficult for him. He has no problem going to the bathroom by himself, when other kids need help. He's still weak with holding a writing utensil (better then last year).
  • The school district has still not followed up with us on getting someone to evaluate him on his arm, hand strength. It's been a whole fall ordeal. It's one of those things where we had to talk to one person, then another and now another. His teachers are glad we're trying to have him evaluated though.
  • I did find out one thing funny, Mica does not participate with cleaning up at preschool. The kids are told that they will be able to be the caboose on the train line if they pick up the best. Mica skips picking up and stands over at the back of the line, where the caboose would be. He's been pushed up many times. There was only one time he helped clean up, and didn't do too good of a job. The teacher let him be a caboose that time, just for positive reinforcement.
  • I'm thinking of getting one of Mica's preschool hats, and filling it with clean up duty's. Each day he'll pull one out, and have to do that chore. It could be one that we have to help him with. At this point he has to take his dishes to the sink, bring up one thing from the car when we get home, he runs the dishwasher, he takes the recycle things down to the garage, we pick up toys, but not every day. I'll need to push this a bit.

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Kari @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy said...

He sounds pretty normal to me! I was reading an article in, I think, Parenting magazine about a mom who had a son who was more "shy" (she didn't like shy as a description, more like more apprehensive I think) and how that isn't a bad thing. He is who he is and I know you wouldn't want him any other way.
I only say this because you stated "worst at participating compared to other kids." I was not a group person growing up - I would rather sit back and take it all in. I "came out of my shell" so to speak in college... Now try to get me to shut up!


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