Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show and Tell

  • I felt bad for Mica and Daddy. Mica told Daddy that he wanted to bring a toy to preschool yesterday. Daddy told him, "No you're going to school, you don't need toys at school."
  • We try our best not to bring toys places when the kids really don't need them. Toys just get lost, and the kids don't need to be dependent on taking them places.
  • Mica got to school and the teacher asked, "So Mica, did you bring a toy to show today?" Mica looked sad. Daddy felt awful!
  • They told me in the initial preschool meeting that the kids could bring toys, just not on Mondays because they are so busy on that day.
  • Last year Show and Tell wasn't really a big part of the program. In fact only one kid really brought toys to show. It was never told to us that Wednesday was a Show and Tell day.
  • My sister Terra said that Evan hasn't brought anything. It's too bad Mica was sad, and Daddy felt bad!
  • Maybe tomorrow I'll send a toy with Mica. Next week on Wednesday they have a field trip. I asked him what he wants to bring? He wants to bring Happy Meal Toys like his Incredible Hulk and his Magic School Bus finger puppet. Go figure.

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