Thursday, December 17, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere

  • Mica had a book that is titled: Water, Water, Everywhere, now it's Isaak's. I have the book memorized because Mica LOVED to have it read to him. Isaak is not as into books at Mica was. This isn't good. One thing that is good is that Isaak could care less about TV, and Mica LOVED TV too!
  • I thought about this book when Daddy told me what happened yesterday in the kitchen.
  • Yes...yet another kitchen mishap!
  • Our refrigerator doesn't always work when it comes to the drinking water coming out of it. We got a refund for it a long time ago, but didn't have the heart to get a new one. Our refrigerator that we have works just fine, it's just the drinking water that won't come out sometimes. So...we kept it.
  • We fill up a 2 gallon container with filtered water from the hose under the refrigerator.
  • This process works just fine, but there has been a few times Daddy has forgotten about the hose running, and the container filled up past the maximum capacity and went all over the floor.
  • Yesterday was one of those days!
  • Daddy went to go get the mail while it was filling up, came inside and forgot about the water runnung.
  • Water was everywhere! Mica and cousin Evan were like, "Daddy, water is going all over the kitchen"! Daddy went in there and the hose was squirting everywhere.
  • Silly Daddy is so forgetful lately! LOL

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