Friday, January 8, 2010

I Don't Know What's Gotten Into Me Lately

  • I've just been sort of up and down lately.
  • With my mom's surgery coming up, and other stresses like school starting Monday it's put me in a funk of a mood.
  • I've been really sarcastic in a bitchy sort of way and in a ha ha sort of way.
  • A co-worker of mine went to Cancun. He had a photo up on Facebook of a beautiful sunrise. I made a comment, "Totally Photoshoped". He had another one of his beautiful little boy sleeping on the beach and I said, "Passed out drunk". This guy gets my sense of humor, so I knew he'd find it funny.
  • Then two of my other co-worker's got in an argument the other day. I sat all quite in my office. As if nothing was going on. One guy was asking another guy some technical information, and the other guy told him, "Just go look it up". It ended with an, "I don't want to talk to you" and "You're being a real jerk". Totally out of the normal! Later on one of the guys had a question and I couldn't resist...I said, "Go look it up".
  • Then the education director was telling me I needed reading assignments in all of my classes. One class I don't have a book because I was told a few years ago it was over budget. I kept asking her, "How am I supposed to have reading assignments on a book that doesn't exist?" I had to search online for PDF's for reading assignments. I got some, but I'm still not totally convinced that for a hands on Illustration course they need to read. I have them do a paper and have graded discussions. She told me that her boss was the one who wanted the reading to be in the syllabus. I sarcastically said that she was making that up, and should just admit that she's the one that wants it. Go to find out she was lying. I asked her boss today - not in a way that would get her in trouble.
  • Then Daddy was chatting with me on Facebook when he was right there in the same room as me. I told him, "Go take care of your 4 shirts and 3 pair of shoes laying around". He blew me off and went to the bathroom. I leaned over on his computer and wrote something like, "Honey I'll clean up because I love you". I sent him a message back from my computer that said, "I love you to". He read it and laughed.
  • So...see I've been in a funky mood! Gotta watch myself, or I'll get in trouble.

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