Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

  • The Easter Bunny had a scavenger hunt set up.
  • There were little clues like, "Rub a dub dub, there's a basket in the ________, along with 4 eggs to find and the next clue." Another clue was, "I'm on the back porch, this is where I'm hiding some outside toys, 10 eggs and the next clue." It took Mica awhile to figure out the tub one and he started to go to the front porch instead of the back one. Daddy's son LOL!
  • I only say this because when we go watch movies it takes Daddy awhile to figure out what's going to happen in them. Then when we leave the theater I still fill him in on why it happened the way it did.
  • Mica actually did better with finding eggs last year I think.
  • Isaak got candy all over the floor. We took the candy out of the plastic eggs. Then let him play with the empty eggs.
  • Here the boys are in their new outfits, minus the shorts. It's too cold outside for shorts. If you can't tell, they were not cooperating. The wood chips were a distraction.
I set up my Easter Basket with Lemon Cake Eggs. Usually I make Red Velvet Cake Balls, but I thought Lemon Cake Eggs were more fitting for this time of year.
  • The Lemon Cake Eggs were all gone except for 6 of them after our family event.
  • Great Grandma Kent has Alzheimer's disease. She went up to the Lemon Cake Eggs, picked them up and said, "Oh I wouldn't cook with these."
  • She's so harmless, and says some of the funniest things. I love her!
  • The biggest thing we worry about with her is, her running away. It wouldn't surprise me if she tries going outside naked sometime. She used to put bra on top of bra, and now she won't wear one. It's part of the disease. She left in the middle of the night to go sit in the garage. Great Grandpa Kent realized she was gone out of bed. She was sitting in the backseat of the car waving.
  • Grandpa Spiehs told her that the Nerf dart looked like a tube of lipstick. We all looked over, and she was trying to apply it to her lips.
  • Some of the things Alzheimer's patients go through are scary, but you have to laugh at some things they do. I look at it this way, they revert back in time, like they are a child. I think some of the things my children do are hysterical. I'm just really glad Great Grandma Kent is nice, and not mean.


Felicia said...

What a great idea for a scavenger hunt!!

An Apel a Day said...

I love hiding the eggs this way! It makes the kids think. I debated as to if I should or shouldn't put Isaak's eggs out where he could see them, but he wants to go where ever Mica goes - we just included him in the hunt. I had an even amount of eggs, so each kid could find the same amount. The clue egg was a different color from the one's they found.

I think the clues could get harder as they get older.


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