Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday Evening

  • We went home last night and had dinner, had Isaak open his presents, and ate some of the left over cake from the party that I stashed away in the deep freezer.
  • Mica was so excited to give Isaak his little Duplo set he picked out with me. I think Mica was excited because he couldn't wait to play with it himself!
  • Isaak sort of tossed aside his robot bedding. I imagined he would since it wasn't anything he could play with. I washed it up, and Daddy had it on his crib this morning. At the end of July we're transforming Isaak's crib into a toddler bed. We've got to wait until after Daddy's big art show. Regardless Isaak gets his robot bedding now.
  • Isaak then opened up his FurReal Panda. The age on this toy is for 4 and up. It was the thing he's loved in the store the most from Christmas on. I decided to get it for him. The only thing that he needs help with is to put the panda's bottle in his mouth. That part is a little tricky. But...he LOVES it! He was kissing, hugging, carrying it around and very protective of it. I'm glad I decided to wait and get it for him because at Christmas it was $40 in the stores, now it's $25. It plays Peek-a-Boo, laughs when you tickle it's foot, sucks a bottle, gets the hiccups and sleeps.
  • At the end of the night Isaak was singing himself Happy Birthday. This morning in the shower he was singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. He didn't get all the words right, but I could tell that's what he was trying to sing. His vocabulary has really taken off in the last month.

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