Friday, June 4, 2010


  • Isaak's been dry for most of 3 days now.
  • Pretty good for a toddler that just turned 2 May 19. I'm really proud of him!
  • With Isaak we didn't use any stickers, or rewards. Just good old fashioned praise and a high 5. That doesn't work for some kids. Isaak gets a smile on his face when we praise him.
  • I start potty training early with both of my kids. It does seem to take awhile just because there are a lot of inconsistencies in his little life. Daddy watches him 2 days, I watch him 2 days, Aunt Terra watches him 2 days and Grandma and Grandpa watch him 1 day. All to save on daycare and most importantly the boys are taken care of by people that love them!
  • I leave him in just underwear because we have all wood floors, but everyone else that he is watched there is carpet and I would never expect them to have a toddler walking around with underwear and the chance of him pooping or peeing on their carpet.
  • The inconsistencies do make potty training more difficult. He goes the best for me. He tells me and Daddy when he has to go sometimes, which is great. Of course he's little, so he gets into playing and doesn't want to break for the potty sometimes.

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