Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trip to the Farm

Daddy took Mica to the Gifford Farm today! It was trip with his preschool class. Mica was most excited to see the turkeys.

Two years ago he went to the farm with preschool. Mica thought they should have peacocks. He was pretty disappointed that they didn't. I think he knew what to expect this time.

Daddy didn't know what to think of two things: 

1. There was one boy that was hanging on Mica like he was Mica's best friend. The trouble is, is that Mica was trying to shove him away. He was too close to his personal space. This little boy also looked like his parents hardly trim his nails. A big "No No" to us. This is a major pet peeve to us because Mica had one staph infection that almost cost him his life. We really don't need him getting another infection. Just saying!

2. A girl came up to Mica and was holding his hand walking with him. The teachers told Daddy that she's liked him from the get go. We asked Mica if he liked her? He said, "No not really. I like Alison." Alison's moved on to kindergarten. Mica thinks Alison's sister is cute because she has a Hannah Montana backpack?!? Not sure how he picked that one up!

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