Thursday, October 7, 2010

Preschool Conferences

  • We went to Mica's preschool conferences last night. Overall he had a very good review! 
  • We are supposed to encourage him to try doing things on his own more. Like for instance his teacher's said that he didn't think he could peel his own banana for snack time. He did it and felt excited that he could. To be honest we never thought about having him peel his own banana. He usually doesn't prefer a banana at breakfast. For now on Mica will be our banana peeler. Daddy has one for most every breakfast.
  • Mica is starting to cut better. That was something he was struggling with this whole time.
  • He does prefer to play with one of the teachers over anyone else. When Mica gets to school on Friday he said, "You're coming with me to play, and you get to play with her." Mrs. K plays with Mica, while Mrs. L plays with the other kid. Mrs. K is a little more tactile, while Mrs L is more proper. 
  • They never have a problem with Mica not talking up. He talks a little too much most of the time.
  • He's the only singer in the group. He has a pretty good voice, but wouldn't use it in the past as much. Now that most of the kids are younger then him, he stands out as the singer.
  • He's showing much more empathy for other kids this year. In his other preschool one kid cries every he's dropped off. Mica goes up to him and talks with him. That make him feel better. I'm glad to hear about this side of Mica. Before if Mica accidentally hurt one of his cousin's or Isaak, Mica would quickly say he was sorry. He acted as though hurting someone else wasn't a big deal. Now he cares more.

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Felicia said...

I really need to encourage Graham to do more things on his own. He just gets frustrated so easily!


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