Monday, April 18, 2011


  • I won an opportunity to make a custom sign from BuildASign. At first I had NO CLUE how I would use it.
  • I thought about making one for a garage sale that we plan on having late June or early July. But you can get garage sale signs for cheep and I don't know if I need or want a fancy metal sign for that. Not too exciting!
  • Then I thought about Mica's room. He has streets that run through his room, painted on the walls. I've already made many signs for his room that have the same look to them. They all have family names on the street signs. Then I found metal signs at Hobby Lobby some time ago that I added to his decor. The signs I made look like this {that is our last name}:

  • Mica's super into robots, so I'm going to make a few robots to stomp in his streets. I'll collage them out of different colored papers.
  • I shot my reference this weekend:

  • Back to the sign I won from BuildASign
  • I decided to make one for my nephew's Evan and Elijah that share a room. They have a transportation room. I made this sign for them:
  • Hopefully they like it.
  • Kids seem to like things with their names on it. I liked that I could put both of their names on it.

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