Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Giant Microbes Review

Spring is here! Along with spring, comes allergies! I have very bad outdoor allergies.
I was lucky enough to review a Giant Microbe, Hay Fever (Grass Pollen).

What I love about Giant Microbes:

  • I love that they come with a little tag that explains the Microbe! 
  • They are super easy to wash!
  • They are made to look like the real thing, but blown up. 
  • They are inexpensive. You can get their plushes for around $9.00. 

Inside the tag it gives facts about Hay Fever {in this case}:
  • It's a seasonal allergic rhinitis, which in some people creates a reaction to grasses, weeds and trees! I've experienced red, itchy legs while pulling weeds. It's an allergic reaction to the grass or weeds.
  • Nearly one quarter of the population are sensitive to pollen particles.
  • A few things allergies can cause: Congestion, swelling, watery and itching eyes.
  • Other things allergy sufferers can get: Asthma, migraine headaches, eczema and depression.
  • Cutting your grass can help it from flowering. 
 Meet other summer plushes that Giant Microbes just came out with:

Ticks like to hang out in wooded areas.
Chagas have the nickname, "Kissing Bugs".

These plush's are more then cute! They are a teaching devise!

Mica and Isaak were really excited to get Giant Microbe Hay Fever (Grass Pollen) in the mail! We sat around and talked about allergies. Mica had to pose with his super hero costume on. He's saving us all from getting allergies. ;)

What is the best thing you can do when you or your kids gets an allergy flare up?
  • Get a lot of sleep.
  • Wash you or your kid's hair before bed.
  • Wash and change your pillow case often. 
  • Flush your sinuses out with a sinus rinse.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • There are many over the counter medications, or talk to your doctor.
  • Rest and enjoy cuddling up with your Giant Microbe plush!
  • Putting your plush in the freezer kills bed bugs! 

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What I Did Today said...

Haha! That makes allergies look cute. But we all know the truth. Nothing adorable about hay fever! I didn't know drinking more water helps. I'll have to remember that.

Lisa Weidknecht said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower, here for the Mid Week Mingle. Come follow me at Weidknecht.blogspot.com!

Liz Mays said...

It's funny, but yet kinda gross! LOL I'm not so much a fan of that giant tick.

But I love that they come with little explanations.

BusyWorkingMama said...

Haha, I actually won one of these from some website about 4 years ago, it was salmonella and Lily loved playing with it when she was a baby!

Mary said...

these things are so cute! i like the giardia: http://www.giantmicrobes.com/us/products/giardia.html


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