Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today is my birthday = I made Lemon Cakesters for work. Too bad Cars 2 isn't out yet. I think I'd want to go to that. Fact, I don't feel any older or younger!
Today is the first day of summer = Happy First Day of Summer to you! Fact, this day sometimes falls on Father's Day.
Today is Aunt Terra's due date = Waiting!!!!!!! I want to know what we're up against with this sweet baby that has Trisomy 18. I wanted Emerson to be born on my birthday. Every life is precious! I was hoping last night's thunderstorms would have made her contractions stronger. Fact, I came up with his sweet name!
Today I listened to the boy's laugh again over the word "Honolulu" = laughter from me too. Aunt Terra gave us nephew Evan's defective Melissa and Doug USA puzzle. It has two Wyoming's and no Colorado. They sent Evan a new puzzle. Melissa and Doug is such a great company! Since we gave him the defective puzzle, Terra gave it to us. ;) It still works. It says the state and capitol when you put the piece in. The boy's continually put in the Hawaii piece to hear the word, "Honolulu." They laugh every time! Then they say, "Honolulu!" Even I have started to laugh inside about this word that they think is so funny! Fact, Mica knows more geography then I do!
This morning is grey = allergies that are sucky! last night it stormed. The sirens went off; we went downstairs. Fact, Mica freaked out! I've never seen the boy so nervous! He was all concerned about his stuffed animals. He clutched onto to his stuffed rabbit he got from preschool at Easter time. Poor rabbit, Mommy put him in the washer; his long fur changed into short wool. His fur is more like a lamb then a rabbit. Mica has hardly ever shown much love for his furry stuffed creatures. He was worried he'd come upstairs and his room would be gone. I kept reassuring him that the storm was no big deal. Another Fact, this made our flooding problem worse in Nebraska! I'm sure in other states too.


~ Noelle said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Hope it is a great one!!!!!!!!!!!

Reasonably Less said...

New follower via VB!
Love the site.
I will be back very soon.

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Gina Jacobs Thomas said...

ACK! Happy belated birthday!!! What can I say, I like to keep the party going. Hope it was a great one...


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