Monday, April 16, 2012

Green Beans and Snap Peas Have Sleepy Seeds

I've caught Isaak taking the insides of his snap peas and beans out before. He picks them all out. It takes a long time for him to eat these particular veggies.

Tonight I finally learned why he does this.

Daddy said, "Isaak calls their insides 'sleepy seeds'. He doesn't like to eat them because they are like the sleepy seeds in his eyes."

I never knew this. Makes perfect sense now. Do I push him to eat what he thinks is gross or not? He's a really good eater otherwise. In fact I think he eats the seeds once they are out. He just doesn't like to eat them when they are in tack. It just takes a long time for him to eat the "sleepy seeds"!

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Eat To Live said...

Thats funny. Sleepy seeds... I happen to love those sleepy seeds.

I wonder if you would explain to him they are not the same as the sleepy seeds in his eyes if he would understand? Worth a try, but if he eats them anyway, then I don't see a problem.


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