Friday, June 15, 2012

Where's Ally?

At the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago we saw Tornado Alley in their Omnimax theater. We couldn't take any photos. I did however take a photo of a faux tornado they have in the museum.

Mica (age 6) was in awww over the movie! He plays being a tornado with his friends. Whomever is the tornado is the, "Bad Guy". The "Bad Guy" spins around in circles and moves towards the other children. The others have to run into their shelter, which is under their wooden play area.

In the movie they kept talking about trying to find tornado alley. Isaak (age 4) kept leaning into me and asking, "Where's Ally Mommy?" I had to laugh. Trying to explain that one to a 4 year old isn't so easy. Especially considering that we had to be quiet!

Then in the movie they talked about the "Eye of the storm." Isaak again leaned into me with his little voice and said, "Mommy where's the storm's nose and mouth?"

I'm going to be so sad when my boys stop saying funny things to amuse me. It's really funny when they are so serious and don't realize they are being so funny!

Here's a video of the boys playing in the eye of the faux storm. *Please note: Don't try this at home. Playing in the eye of a storm is deadly.


Eat To Live said...

Well you are keeping the boys entertained... good thing. The Tornado was probably a lot of fun, plus a great learning experience

What I Did Today said...

How fun! Yours boys are at such an enjoyable age! They just soak it all in and you get to experience it all over again along with them!

Red Nomad OZ said...

I think they'll ALWAYS say stuff that makes you laugh - it's just the type of thing that'll change as they get older.

Have a great weekend!


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