Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yesterday We Had to Get Out of the Pool

Isaak and I went to go swimming at the Y last night. Isaak was throwing a ball back and forth with me. Then he accidentally hit a guy in the head with the ball.

The poor guy had a look of slight anguish on his face.

I know Isaak didn't mean to hit the guy. He just doesn't have very good aim.

I said, "Isaak you need to apologize."


I said, "Isaak I know you didn't mean to hit him in the head with the ball, but you still need to apologize."


I said, "Isaak if you don't apologize we are getting out of the pool."


I apologized to the guy and his father. Did I mention that the guy is mentally challenged. That made the situation harder for me. Harder to communicate, harder for him to understand that a 4 year old didn't mean to hit him.

Then we got out.

I explained to Isaak that we didn't get out because he accidentally hit the guy in the head with a ball. We got out because he refused to apologize. I went on to say, "You have to apologize if you hurt someone; even if you didn't mean to hurt them."

I know Isaak is shy when it comes to strangers. He's the type of kid that doesn't want to play on the playground if he doesn't know anyone else playing.


Are We There Yet! said...

He'll learn. It is hard apologizing, especially to someone that is mentally challenged. I have a hard time myself with people who have certain problems.

~ Noelle said...

It takes time for kids to learn...
I am glad that you worked with talking to him about needing to apologize even if he didn't mean to do it...

Jeanna said...

Oh yeah, they get it sooner or later. As someone who has got hit in the head on purpose many times in and out of the pool, it would be nice to get hit by accident, lol.


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