Wednesday, October 3, 2012


A little back story: Mica's been singing songs from the musical Annie a lot lately. It's so funny because he'll be in his room cleaning singing. He sings all high pitched to fit the movie.

On with the story: Tonight Isaak was a cranky boy. He wouldn't try his dinner. When I told him that he had to try his dinner to go swimming at the Y, he threatened to throw something at me. I sent him to his room to cool off. I don't know what got into him. This is not his usual behavior. I do think that just like adults have off days or nights, kids do to. This was Isaak's off night.

Mica on the other hand ate his meal; even though it wasn't his favorite thing. Mica went to jujitsu and did really good. So good that he got a band for his belt. Awards are given for good behavior. Mica got one on being well disciplined.

Mica came home from the Y and wanted a snack. Isaak wanted one to. Isaak sort of lost it again when he heard that Mica could have a snack; when he couldn't. We have a rule in our house, if you want a snack you have to first eat your meal.

Mica went over to his breaking down brother and said, "Isaak there's always tomorrow. After that there's another tomorrow." I'm thinking he got this from the movie Annie.


What I Did Today said...

I LOVE "Annie!" Used to listen to that soundtrack constantly. Poor Isaak. Hopefully his tomorrow is better. I think Ash had one of those days today too.

Masshole Mommy said...

Haha - that is so cute. I remember watching that movie over and over and over again when I was a kid.

Are We There Yet! said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow!!! LOL... that is funny

Eat To Live said...

Mica is so funny. I can almost hear him singing in his girly voice.

~ Noelle said...

The sun will come out...
Tomorrow :)
Hope better days are ahead for you


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