Monday, March 4, 2013


I've been wanting to post lately, but I've been so busy. Last week I took nearly 1/2 a day off to go on a pizza tour with Isaak's preschool class. This week is midterms at where I teach. I have a stack of illustrations to grade, another stack of papers to grade, and exams to finish writing.

Two things annoy me about midterms and finals time: 1) The Education Director keeps wanting to add points into the exam. I know it's college, but I have them for computer art classes. To me their work is what matters; their tests should be a side note. Here I am adding questions to their exams. 2) I get students that tell me they have appointments every year on Friday. That's the day I have my class. They want to take the test early. When one student does that, others want to follow. Of course I'm a bit*# if I don't say, "Yes." For some reason it's only 1st year that asks to take an exam before it's time. I hate giving exams out early because there's a possibility that they can talk about the exam to others in the classroom. At least this semester they have computers; that means I can give them a test on a program that randomizes the questions, and I don't have to hand grade a stack bigger than a phone book!

I have a student this semester that keeps crying on me. It's nothing I have personally done. I really truly think something is wrong with him. He's a bright 19 year old. He gets really emotional when students are loud around him. Noise isn't a problem when I have class on Tuesday; it is a problem on Friday. Everyone is rearing to go on Friday. They so want the week to be over with. I've watched the student in concern nearly blow up because he was trying to concentrate, while a girl was tapping her pen against the table. I really don't think the girl was meaning to be annoying. She didn't even realize she was bothering anyone. I saw the boy student's face get all red; like he was going to freak out. I quickly tried to ease the situation before it got out of hand. I said, "Whoever is tapping, could you please stop? I'm trying to grade up here." She was apologizing. I knew she didn't mean to annoy anyone. I was just trying to prevent the boy student from having a melt down. Instead of asking the girl himself nicely to stop, he'd blow up. Well many things like that have happened. I notice he taps his own desk when he's aggravated, his face turns red, he cries and he asks really random off topic questions in class. Questions that barely relate to what I'm going over. Nothing is in his chart from his previous history. I just feel for him. Much of me thinks he has Aspergers Syndrome. I'm not a councilor; I'm not even supposed to council the students. Our school is too small to have a councilor. I moved his desk; like he's a little kid. Now he sits in a quieter part of the room. Part of me has sympathy for him; another part of me wants to be real, and treat him like anyone else. He'll be in the work force in a few years. If I hold his hand, am I doing him any favors? Uggg!

He's not the only student with issues this semester. I could go on. I have an adult student that is one of the more needy ones in the class. He wants an A on everything, but doesn't want to spend the time to get an A. I have a student who's boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend; then held a knife up to her. Another student who's house burnt down to the ground. Seriously there were just ashes left. :( At lease his whole family is ok. It's been a rough year.


Masshole Mommy said...

I feel bad for that poor kid. I totally get where he's coming from because I hear things on a different frequency than other people, so it's the background noises that REALLY distract me. I can completely block out someone sitting next to me talking and focus on someone else tapping a pen across the room.

It can be hard to deal with, but you're right - we are in the real world and he's going to have to find SOME way to deal with it before he flips out and gets himself into trouble.

Poor kid.

Theresa Mahoney said...

It does sound like he has a form of Autism. I have several friends that are special ed teachers, and I am shocked at some of the stories they tell me they have to deal through. I really feel for you! And for the kid too. Hope summer vacation comes real quick for you!

Eat To Live said...

I wonder if it isn't Aspergers. They get like that.

Wow!! You are really a saint for putting up with all the problems these kids have. Makes you wonder just what the heck is going on in this world to cause kids all these problems.

Unknown said...

A teacher's job certainly entails a lot. It is good when a teacher notices certain things. The 19 year old guy needs some help. I hope he seeks counselling. Take care Alissa.

Maryann D. said...

It is not easy dealing with teens in school, I work with teachers and counselors and I see many kids with a lot of problems, it is very sad sometimes.
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~ Noelle said...

there is a special place for teachers... you are one :)
i do feel bad for that kid, maybe you could talk to him? hope you get rest at some point....


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