Saturday, November 23, 2013

Today Was a Trying Day

Every parent has those days where you want to pull your hair out. Luckily those kinds of days are becoming less and less.

I've been putting off one review because it required a lot of work before I even get the product. It's worth it, but took some time. I got a lovely email just as a friendly reminder to get it going. It's unlike me to sit on stuff like that. But again it required a lot of work on my end. I took care of it, but it took me much of the morning to upload pictures to put into a book. I'm picky, so I'm sure that took longer for the process. I was worried I'd get through the whole process, and something crazy like their code wouldn't work. Luckily that didn't happen.

All during this time the boy were being boys. Isaak was picking fights to get Mica's attention. Mica would snap, and then Isaak was crying for me to, "Help" him. They usually have my attention. I try and do most my blogging stuff in the evenings. This time around I just needed to get what I needed done, done.

Where's Daddy this whole time? He's been working on a sculpture that is due for a show this upcoming week. He was supposed to go get parts (metal balls) for the sculpture that are being painted this last week. Somehow the white parts got red speckles on them. They weren't ready to be picked up. On top of that the curator for the show wanted pictures all the sudden early. He's like, "I have nothing to take pictures of yet!" He's all stressed out. I joke with him to lighten the situation and say, "Are your balls ready to be picked up yet?"

Off to Costco the boys and I went. Mica kept lagging behind. It used to be the opposite. He would charge ahead like a bull running at red piece of fabric. Now he stops to look at EVERYTHING. Both boys yell out, "Sample alert!" whenever they see a sample. I don't mind it, but it's probably rude sounding to others.

I told Isaak he got a D+ today, and Mica that he got a C+. Then they were trying to earn back their points. They know they can't watch movies if they didn't do well throughout the day. Isaak said, "I want to get a Z because that's what my nickname begins with." Mica said, "You don't want a Z. That's the lowest of the low. You want an A+!" They helped me for 5 minutes and both asked, "Do we have A+'s now?" I said, "You can't earn back points that fast! Nice tries though."

After that they were pretty good.

We made Christmas cookies. It's just at the starting phase. My sisters, mom and I all get together to decorate them. Right now they are sitting in tins in the deep freezer. Every year I toy with the idea of not making them at all. Here I'm supposed to be eating healthy. I don't eat many of them. Some go to this work, others go to that work, some go to this function, and others go to that function. Soon they are gone.

Then bedtime came. Isaak was crying because it was bath night. It was totally unlike him. He was getting worked up because he was afraid his bath water would get filled with slime; like in the movie Ghostbusters. He didn't even watch the movie recently. I called up Daddy from downstairs to come and calm him down, while I trimmed Mica's nails. Daddy got out of Isaak that it was Mica who was freaking Isaak out about the slime in the bathtub thing. Then we both had to talk to both of them. Isaak didn't want to go to bed he was so scared. I made Mica go in and lay with Isaak to read books. That must of helped because all was peaceful again.


Harry Flashman said...

You deserve an Iron Cross 2nd class for being a good parent. I often forget just how tough it is to accomplish anything with the kids swarming around. I didn't know your husband was a sculpter (did I spell that right). Between the two of you, your kids certainly will have inherited creative genes.

Masshole Mommy said...

I totally feel your pain. I swear, I could insert my kids names where your kids names are and the story could apply to mine. We have good days and bad days, but honestly, we have more bad days with our little one. He can be really moody, uncooperative and often off in his own world.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I haven't seen Ghostbusters in AGES!!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That does sound like a long day. The problem with reviews/sponsored posts like that is that it can be overwhelming when there is a lot of work to do upfront. But usually once I get moving on it, it goes easier than I expected.

mail4rosey said...

I hope hubby's showing goes well! That sounds great.

What a good idea to have the boys reading together, and a great way to resolve the challenge!

~ Noelle said...

boys being boys, right?
i know what you mean about the older scaring the younger... the boys do that to broxton a LOT when they are here..

Theresa Mahoney said...

Mariah is ALWAYS pulling that kind of stuff on Allison, scaring her like that! I guess that's something all older siblings like to do.

I just made a photo calendar for my mil for Christmas. You would think it would have went quickly, but all the photo selecting, editing, ect, I had over 4 hours invested in a 12 month calendar. It was crazy! I can see where your project probably took some time too!

Eat To Live said...

What a great idea, making Mica read Isaak books to calm him down because he was the one who scared him.


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