Friday, January 24, 2014

Random Tid Bits

  1. Isaak got a cold on Tuesday. It started with a light sneeze. He's felt warm, but has had no fever. I've put him to bed slightly early the last few nights. I've been flushing his sinuses out morning, and night; trying to prevent a worse infection. With kids the Neti Pot works wonders. They just don't blow their noses when they should.

  2. I got Isaak's head cold on Wednesday. I'm now the one that's dragging.

  3. We had to postpone yet another play date. Two weeks ago Daddy had tummy issues. Our boys couldn't play with their cousins because of that, then last weekend they couldn't play because everyone was too busy, and now we have colds. It's hard when a family member (Emerson) has a compromised immune system. Someone's always sick this time of year it seems.

  4. I find that some relationships are odd on Facebook. In my opinion some people should just refrain from putting a relationship status at all; if they can't stay in one. A few people I know have decided they are getting a divorce, or out of a serious relationship. They often make it sound like the other person was so bad. Maybe they were bad. Often times it's like BOOM they are with another person in no time. How do people turn off and on feelings so fast? We're not light switches. Maybe they just know what they want, and have found "that true love". I hope that's the case.

  5. I found a bunch of videos of our boys when they were just itty bitty. I thought I'd share some.

Tent Fun! The one with the blue onesie is cousin Elijah.

Daddy was tapping, Mica was dancing, and Mica stopped him to tell him he was being too loud! I just thought it was funny because Mica is a talkative, loud child himself.

No Use For His Spoon

Beat on the Brat by The Ramones. Our boys love this song. The video quality is horrible, but it's so funny!


Masshole Mommy said...

Yup, sometimes people put either way too much info or confusing info on Facebook. Some things should just be private.

mail4rosey said...

The videos are cute!! the last one is hilarious!!

I'm sorry you're sick. :(

Harry Flashman said...

I don't do Facebook. I can't really remember why, but my middle brother had something happen with it that wasn't good so I cancelled the account he helped me set up.

I envy you those videos. I have lots of old snapshots of my kids when they were little, which I've scanned, but we never had a video camera and of course there was no such thing as digital cameras then.

Catch My Words said...

Infatuation turns on and off, true love stays.

I hope everyone gets well soon.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I hope you and Isaak feel better soon. As far as Facebook relationship drama stuff - I don't think it's ever appropriate to put relationship drama on there, it makes a person look bad and I always wonder why they can't see that??

Theresa Mahoney said...

Awe, I need to go pull out some old videos now! And relationship statuses on FBI are soooo annoying!

Eat To Live said...

I am trying to stay away from everyone with a cold so Dennis doesn't get it. The Dr told him to make sure he stays away from sick people for awhile.

~ Noelle said...

sickness has been here too...
hope to get over it all soon...


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