Friday, November 28, 2014

Random Tid Bits

I'm writing this on Monday so I can enjoy my Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you are enjoying yours!
  1. At this point in time I'm still not sure about what I'm making for Thanksgiving. *Remember it's Monday. My extended family gets together for the day. I usually end up bringing something someone else has already brought. I don't want to veer off of Thanksgiving food, but I don't want to bring a repeat of something someone has brought either.

    I was thinking of bringing a veggie tray looking like a turkey - this is one I made last year

    A bowl of pomegrante seeds - because Isaak and I love them

    Pumpkin Humus *Daddy says it sounds gross, but I think it sounds good

    Pumpkin Crisp.

    I've been known to change my mind, so expect that. Daddy and Mica do not love pomegrante seeds, and I want to take stuff we all like. Even though there will be gobs of food from other people there.

  2.  I dislike it when people are all grumpy during the holidays. I actually feel this way any time. If you're grumpy vent, or keep it to yourself. Some of you may remember a time where I talked about a guy at work that grunts when I walk in the door. Seriously a grunt is all I get. I smile and say, "Hi!" every time. Maybe that makes him grumpier. I believe in feeding kindness though. Today as we both walking in the break room I said, "It was so warm on Saturday, did you get a chance to ride your bike?" He gets excited about bike riding. He replies back with, "No I didn't, and I don't want to talk about it." Ok then! I wish people would see how others feel sometimes when they are grumpy. It's like my good mood was flushed down the toilet. I know it's unrealistic to be happy all the time. On the flip side it's a real downer if you're grumpy all the time!

  3. The boys wrote out lists for our Elf on the Self. *Shaking my head! I had already bought most of their gifts. All the things I've bought are things they've talked about. They are getting a few things on their list, and other stuff they are now getting for their birthdays. You'd think I'd learn to wait, but I get shopping fever, and just want to get it all out of the way.

  4. My youngest sister's clan won't be at our Thanksgiving celebration this year. :( I'm sad because my boys love playing with their cousins the same ages as them. Emerson is set to have surgery on a few things in December. The surgery was moved once. He had a double ear infection last week, and it may get moved again. There is a team of doctors that are doing different things to him. Moving surgery dates around isn't easy! He has to be well for awhile before being putting him out for surgery. They don't want to chance him getting sick. I don't blame them, but I'll miss them.

  5. I hope you all had, or are going to have a great Thanksgiving! I know some people celebrate the weekend afterwards.


~ Noelle said...

So- what did you end up making? I was sick as a dog.. but still made our whole meal for us..
fun fun fun :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I just clipped a recipe for pumpkin hummus from a magazine! I think it sounds good too.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Pumpkin crisp sounds yummy! I've never had a pomegranate seed but they look good!

I hate grumpy people too. Jason was just throwing a fit about how the lights on the tree look. We aren't in a tree light competition. Knock it off...

Masshole Mommy said...

That veggie tray is wicked cool. I am going to have to try and remember that for next year!

Eat To Live said...

My Hubs and his 2 kids love pomegrante seeds. they seem like just way to much work for me.


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