Friday, January 16, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. One night this week we played a game called Family Talk. I strongly recommend it! It takes up very little room, and gets your family talking. I won it sometime, somewhere. Mica's answers to the questions were cracking me up.

    Question: What's the highest compliment someone could give you?
    Answer: How smart I am. *Note: Mica has a crush on a girl at school that's new and in the other class. Why does he like her? Because she's gotten a Principle's Award twice this year. That must mean she's good, and smart.

    Question: What's your favorite food that your Grandma makes?
    Answer: Those mini pizza's she gives us. *Note My mom buys those mini pizza's. She makes plenty of home cooked meals. I had to call her and tell her Mica's answer to that one. Her response: "Yuck!" 

  2. I've been trying to help Isaak clean his room. He had a lot of stuff, and I have to say that I found out it was mostly papers that were taking over his room. I filled up 1 paper bag full of papers.

  3. Dad was convinced Isaak could clean his room by himself. Sometimes kids need help with an overhaul. Isaak's room needed just that. I got rid of 2 bins. Dad said, "Are you sure he doesn't need them?" I said, "No because he just stuffs them with papers." 

  4. I said to Isaak, "Can we put your glitter glue here?" pointing to where his craft stuff is at. He said, "Mom there's gold in there. I like that, so maybe we should leave it out, so I can look at it. He's so silly!

  5. Mr. Potato Head, Joey, a put it together airplane, and a mosaic tile picture set went to my co-worker that has newish grandsons. Isaak just wasn't playing with them. I happened to like Joey, the airplane, and the tile set. Mr. Potato Head was just ok. Isaak never did play with any of those toy sets very much. If you have kids, what's something that you liked, that they never really played with?


Masshole Mommy said...

Mica is probably going to grow up to be a rocket scientist or neuro-surgeon or something. How funny.

~ Noelle said...

That tile set would be great for Broxton's class. Nice of you to give them so that her grandkids could use them, since they weren't being used at your house....
Broxton plays with all of his toys, lol... weird to think that... but he does :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Good for him going after the smart girls. When Jason complains about something I do that irritates him, I often say "Well, that's what you get for going after a girl you thought was hot instead of considering her brains first." Mica will have a wife you will be proud to have for a daughter in law some day!

Eat To Live said...

I used to hate cleaning my Daughters room. She was horrible.

mail4rosey said...

I really liked Aggravation (the board game) as a kid. None of my kids really got into it though. I got it for little man this year for Christmas, he plays w/me, but he's not a huge fan either, I can tell. ;)


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