Thursday, May 28, 2015

Momma Called the Doctor, and the Doctor Said...

Our boys are supposed to have a well check once a year. I skipped last year, and I'll probably skip next year. I figure with getting them in to get a flu shot once a year Doc. Harrison sees them anyhow. 

I kept getting emails saying, Mica and Isaak haven't been in for a well visit in awhile. The importance of well visits are... They should get them once a year. I took them both in at the same time. 

No shots were needed. That anxiety was out of the picture. The boys were actually excited to go in.

Waiting for Doc. Harrison to come in... They look so big up on the table! Mica said, "Don't take a picture of what I'm reading." I said, "Why?" Mica said, "Because I'm reading Frozen." Isaak said, "I like Frozen Mica." Mica said, "I do to. Just don't tell anybody." LOL

Height and Weight

I was excited to see what their percentages are. Between my height of 5' 6" and Dad's height 6' Doc Harrison thinks they'll be 5' 9" - 6' 1". I don't buy that. They have other very tall relatives. They are both 95% for height in their age groups.

Mica age 9 - 10 in August is 75 pounds. That puts him at 67% in his age group. He is 58" tall. That puts him at 95% in his age group.

Isaak age 7 is 55.6 pounds. That puts him at 75% in his age group. He is 51.5" tall. That puts him at 95% in his age group.

Blood Pressure

Both are normal. Mica was telling Isaak what he was going to feel. It was pretty cute! Isaak's such an over actor.


Mica has 20/20 vision.

Isaak has 20/30 vision. The person that gave him his eye test said that a lot of Kindergartener's have that vision. It's not really a concern, but it's something we need to watch. His left eye is worse than his right one. The nurse said that her vision was just that when she was little. Her doctor gave her reading glasses. They made her eyes worse.


There is a cloudy substance in the upper eye, which is from allergies in both kids.

I'm supposed to keep doing what I'm doing allergy wise: Wash their hair before bed, change their pillow cases often, give them the netti pot when needed, give them Children's Zyrtec when needed, and Zaditor Eye Drops when needed. All he said to add was Flonase if they get really bad. Adult Flonase can be used for kids. 

They still don't know what the dry patch is under Mica's chin. I'm trying Argan Oil. Except I'm putting it on the skin where I remember to put it on. Doc. Harrison refers to it as Orange Peel Skin. He wonders if his chin is just like that. Much like some people have small bumps on the top of their arms.

Bed Wetting

It's too infrequent to be concerned. Boys in particular have more problems with that. He does think I'm right; that his bed wetting is connected to his growth spurts.


Isaak has a child tic. An oral fixation. Doc Harrison says this is normal to. He's chewed on his sleeve, gave his arm a hickey or two, and bit his arm. Once we explained what a hickey is, Isaak didn't do that again. Doc Harrison said that he sees tics all the time in kids. It's a coping mechanism. Most of the time they grow out of it, unless they have a serious disorder. He doesn't think that's the case.


They just went to the dentist yesterday. Does anyone think it's weird that we are supposed to see the dentist twice a year, when people usually only go to the doctor when they are sick? Teeth are such a small part of our body. Our whole body doesn't get checked out very much at all.

Isaak has to see an Orthodontist. He lost a tooth that he's not supposed to loose until he's 12. His mouth is just too crowded. 


renae said...

hi Alissa!

I have returned!
Your boys are so great and cute especially at that age. I know, it is annoying that doctors need to do "well" check. How about just when they are ill / sick, like they did when I was a kid? lol

Well, I know the docs are improving but it still sounds weird.

Come on over to my blog and see whazzup!

♥ renae

Liz Mays said...

My brother had tics all the time. They would change from one to another, but he always had something. Eventually he grew out of that. I remember when the doctor told us we could start skipping years for well visits. I was happy. That saves money!

Ai Sakura said...

I always look forward to seeing Lil Pumpkin's weight and height when she's at her PD's. I take it to be more "accurate" there than what we measure at home :P

Good that they seem to be growing well. Hope the dry chin patch goes away soon! I read your comments on the Baptist church. *shakes head* It's people like these that give Christians a bad name, even when what they are doing isn't Christ-like.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't ever take the girls in for well checks, simply because I have to pay $75 for each one. Our insurance sucks. They do get physicals for school (free, go figure) and I think that's enough. Unless they complain of hurting, then we go in.

Glad to hear the boys are growing so well!

Unknown said...

Being about 5'4" myself I'm very jealous of your boys :P

~ Noelle said...

I don't understand the point of a well visit.. Marc and I were just talking about it...
He was supposed to go in Feb for one, but we haven't yet. They keep asking I finally asked if they could just say the sick visit was a well one and he ended up being sick. Ha ha. I feel it's just a way to get more money.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds like they are thriving.

I never knew that about the arm hickeys. I have one that does that once in a while.

Veronica Lee said...

Good to know the boys are growing well and fast too!

Eat To Live said...

We used to go to the dentist once a year. Now, they want to see us twice a year. Not sure what's up with that more money probably.

Charlie said...

I took and take my kids to the Dr as needed, not just for well check ups. So far the last two of GG's well child check ups coordinated with her immunizations and other issues.


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