Sunday, November 15, 2015

Deserted in the Desert

Ok so we weren't deserted in the desert. I just thought that sounded like a good title. Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium has a neat desert. Beneath the desert is their Kingdoms of the Night exhibit. I'll take you through that that in another post. Both the Desert Dome and Kingdoms of the Night cost $31.5 million dollars to construct. It's the world's largest desert exhibit. It opened in 2002.

The first time I went into the desert I swore it was hot and dry. Now it's not so much. As soon as you walk in it's sunny though. It doesn't matter what time of year it is. It's just pretty, and it feels like you're in the desert.

At first there isn't a lot of animals you see. Some birds, but mostly plants and rocks. After you walk a little ways in there's some neat looking animals.

The creature above (I don't remember its name) hangs out with Meerkats. One day that we went they were up, and active, while the other day the Meerkats were sleeping.

There are turtles that swim below them.

As we walked a little further along, ducks greeted us. Look close on the 2nd picture they have the color teal by their tail feathers.

Ordinary just got more interesting. 

Birds are here and there. 

A Road Runner stopped just long enough for me to take its picture.

A Vulture just perched looking kind of freaky.

The Wallabies like to hide. I've been there where they were playing a jumping tag. They move quick. This time one was just observing what was going on below.

Plants are everywhere. All different types of plants. There are animals that eat cacti.

Prickly Pears are the only type of cactus that grow in Nebraska naturally. 

The Bob Cat posed for us. I wouldn't want to get too close to it though.

The fox was chillin'.

The Coati is a member of the racoon family.

There are water areas, and spots you go under to see snakes, and other creatures. The lighting isn't very good to take photos in those areas.

These look like ground hogs, but I don't think they are.

You can't leave the desert without seeing a Warthog.

The one thing I wished they had would be Burros. They're so cute. Maybe it's just too small to have them there. Otherwise we love the desert!


mail4rosey said...

That is such a nice variety of animals. I wouldn't want to get too close to the bobcat either, but he's a beauty. :)

Masshole Mommy said...

How cool! I love seeing animals like that and my kids do, too!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You got great pictures! I have been there before - it is really excellent.

Arlee Bird said...

This looks like a wonderful exhibit. I visited a similar dome ecosystem exhibit in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada many years ago. I don't think they had a desert, but they had a few systems created. The desert clime is fascinating and a mystery to many people.

Arlee Bird
Wrote By Rote

Theresa Mahoney said...

The desert animals are all so cute! Lovely pics of them all!

Juliana said...

That looks like a wonderful exhibit. Reminds me of some of the cool animals I've encountered in my life.

Kristi Maloney said...

I agree with Lisa! Excellent photos of all of the desert animals. What a cool zoo. :)

Veronica Lee said...

Such awesome captures, A! I'd love to visit the place.

~ Noelle said...

What a great group of pictures!!!
You have an amazing zoo!!!!
Thanks for sharing your trips with us!

Cascia Talbert said...

I love seeing and learning about different animals. It looks like you had a great time!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

wooow...great place indeed..We always enjoy the zoo and really want to see and be in the dessert. The real one :)


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