Saturday, January 9, 2016

Out of the Box Saturday

It's been a few weeks since I've posted an Out of the Box Saturday. Here I am - posting one.

This time it's not about anything new though. It's more about using music as a teaching tool for your children.

I asked Mica why he doesn't play with a kid he played with all the time last year? His response was, "He's annoying." When I asked him to elaborate, he told me the kid gets really needy by wanting things and says, "Give-me, give-me, give-me." Now I know kids are kids. They change who they play with, and have different tastes in what they play with often. BUT it seemed these two kids were attached at the hip last year. I know his family. Yes they are different than we are, but they are super nice! I'm not here to push friendships on my kids. I do however want them to learn to not be judging. How Mica described his friend is a lot like we see him. Mica's always been our more needy child.

I told Travis to play Michael Jackson's song Man in the Mirror for Mica to listen to. Lucky for us they have a version online that has the words.

Then Travis decided to play Eric Clapton's song Before You Accuse Me.

I never thought about the fact that both songs done by completely different artists have such similar meanings.

The important thing was that Mica understood our point. A lot can be explained through music! Find a song that ties into a lesson that can be learned.

I explained to Mica that I would never choose to hang out with anyone at work outside of work, in fact at times they push my buttons. I vent to outside people, and don't really stoop to whatever it is that they did or said to bother me. More than anything I try to find comedy in things like the stacks of folders. I'm most certainly not perfect, and we shouldn't expect that others are. We never know what kind of day the person is having that is rubbing us the wrong way.

Did you ever think to turn on a song to teach someone a lessen in life?

What artist do you like to listen to more Michael Jackson, or Eric Clapton?  They are so different. It's kind of like comparing apples to oranges. I think I'd have to go with Michael Jackson overall. Yes he died a creepy death, and was most certainly problematic towards the end of his life, BUT he made some great music in his time. Eric Clapton is one of those artists to me that can only be listened to when I'm in a mellow mood. He is a great storyteller, and can stand alone with his guitar to play some wonderful songs. Michael had ground breaking dance moves, and was always testing the waters to try out something new.


Harry Flashman said...

I do indeed. Hank Williams Jr. in particular has a lot of songs that pretty well typify life today for the average citizens. I like "country boy", "Mr. Lincoln", "Welcome to the U.S.A. Today", and "Ive got rights" in particular.

Janie Junebug said...

I remember that performance by Michael Jackson. It still brings tears to my eyes. I like Eric Clapton, but Michael Jackson was a more exciting performer. Eric Clapton has had a lot of troubles, too. He's fortunate to have survived his addictions. I'm sure I used music as a teaching tool, but I can't remember specific songs. I do remember that before math competitions, I did visualizations with my daughter. She'd lie on the couch, while I rubbed her temples and talked her through what would happen the next day. I'd tell her to picture herself as calm and in control. Then I'd play a song that was powerful and exciting. I remember one time I used Instant Karma. Your choice of Man in the Mirror is such a good one. What a great gospel number it turned out to be.


Beate said...

What a wonderful way to teach a lesson by using a song. I really love this approach and I'm so happy it worked for you!
When we're annoyed it's especially hard not to judge - but SO important!
I think I feel the same way like you - both artists are absolutely amazing, but I need to be in a certain mood for Eric Clapton :)
Have a wonderful Sunday, Alissa :)
Lots of hugs to you,

mail4rosey said...

I like both artists. It's hard to choose one over the other. I agree though that they do both have similar song meanings with the two you and your husband selected.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Your new blog set up looks nice!

Ai Sakura said...

Oh that's a very good idea to teach a value through songs. Sometimes I find a book to help explain something to Lil Pumpkin if I'm not sure how to put it across properly to her.

P.S. I like your new header!!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't think I've ever used a song as a learning tool, but it's a great idea!

I have always been such a huge fan of that Michael Jackson song. Eric Clapton isn't one of my favorites though.

Masshole Mommy said...

I totally remember that Michael Jackson performance. I loved him so much.


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